Award Winners

2016 Award Winners

2016 Jury Awards

Emerging Female Filmmaker
Aly Migliori for Knightsville

Pillow Talk

Coaching Colburn & Hustler of Providence



The Something


2016 Audience Awards

This Time It’s Shopping

Dunk Tank Clowns



The Dream

Music Video
Clothes Encounter


2015 Award Winners

2015 Jury Award Winners

Animation: Monocular Man
Comedy: Dear Family
Documentary: Anna
Drama: Machsom
Best Experimental: Curley: A Historiophoty by Billy Palumbo
Best Music Video: Underwater
Best Thriller: The Routine

2015 Audience Award Winners

Most Popular Animation: 11 Paper Place
Most Popular Comedy: Whaddya Gonna Do With All Those Zucchinis
Most Popular Documentary: Liz
Most Popular Drama: Rocketship
Most Popular Music Video: Underwater
Most Popular Thriller: The Routine

2014 Award Winners

2014 Jury Award Winners

Best Comedy: Scared is scared
Best Documentary: Shape of Things to Come
Best Drama: The Theft
Best Music Video: Mulligan’s Island
Best Sci-Fi: Citizen’s Band

2014 Audience Award Winners

Most Popular Drama: The Theft
Most Popular Documentary: The Watershed
Most Popular Comedy: Donner Party: The Musical
Most Popular Music Video: Denali: Live Free or Die
Most Popular Sci-Fi: Cold

2013 Award Winners

2013 Jury Award Winners

Best Action/Suspense: Fallout
Best Animation: You are Meow
Best Comedy: Love and Germophobia
Best Documentary: Selina Trieff Will Not Stop
Best Drama: Le Blue Stella
Best Experimental: Cotton Candy

2013 Audience Award Winners

Most Popular Animation: You are Meow
Most Popular Action/Suspense: Exit 7A
Most Popular Comedy: Filmmaking
Most Popular Documentary: Mongolia – Mining Challenges a Civilization
Most Popular Drama: Demi Pointe
Most Popular Experimental: Cotton Candy

2012 Award Winners

2012 Jury Award Winners

Best Animation: Dirty Night Clowns
Best Comedy: Neighbors
Best Documentary: Sanjiban
Best Drama: Anywhere But Here
Best Experimental: Birthmarkings

2012 Audience Award Winners

Most Popular Animation: Dirty Night Clowns
Most Popular Comedy: Buddy Love
Most Popular Documentary: What Do You Know?
Most Popular Drama: Pearl
Most Popular Experimental: The Ministry of the Stove

2011 Award Winners

2011 Audience Award Winners

Most Popular Animation/Experimental: Rootbound
Most Popular Comedy: Bighorn
Most Popular Documentary: The Stone Rules
Most Popular Drama: Dark Scribbles

2010 Award Winners

2010 Audience Award Winners

Most Popular Animation: Jelly Fishers (Steven Subotnick)
Most Popular Comedy: Respect for Acting
Most Popular Documentary: Making the Crooked Straight
Most Popular Drama: Unmoored
Most Popular Experimental: Upstream to Downstream

2009 Award Winners

2009 Jury Award Winners

Best Animation: The Other Way Out
Best Comedy: Stalk Much?
Best Documentary: The Reality Behind Closed Doors
Best Drama: John
New England Women Above the Line: Penumbra

2009 Audience Award Winners

Most Popular Animation: the five: fifteen
Most Popular Comedy: Clam Pie
Most Popular Documentary: The Reality Behind Closed Doors
Most Popular Drama: Did You…
New England Women Above the Line: Virginia Lee Burton: A Sense of Place