Making the Crooked Straight

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Making the Crooked Straight tells the story of one man’s work to save the world, one child at a time. Dr. Rick Hodes has spent 20 years in Ethiopia working with indigent children, curing illness and changing lives. He has adopted seven, and shares his home with 20 or more.

The film is an inspiring tale of interfaith tolerance and support: Dr. Hodes is an Orthodox Jew, and his children are Muslim and Christian.

A gorgeous soundtrack of indigenous music accompanies this award-winning documentary.

Film Details

Director: Susan Cohn Rockefeller

Writer: Susan Cohn Rockefeller

Year of Release: 2008

Running Time: 30

New England Connection: Director Susan Cohn Rockefeller graduated from Hampshire College in Amherst, MA.

Director(s) Bio:: Susan Cohn Rockefeller is a documentary filmmaker whose projects have won top prizes at many film festivals. Making the Crooked Straight debuted on HBO in April 2010. Susan co-produced the multi-award-winning A Sea Change ( Her most recent film is STRIKING A CHORD, about the healing power of music, which premiers at the Woods Hole Festival on August 4, 2010 (
A long-time conservationist, Susan sits on the board of Alaska Conservation Foundation as well as the David Rockefeller Fund. She’s a member of the program committee for The Stone Barns for Sustainable Agriculture, and Chair of Oceana’s Ocean Council.
Susan is married and lives with her husband and their four children in New York City.