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8 Sep , 2020   Posted by: Emilee Wermenchuk


“Joy” is a short film centered around a young woman who gets a job at Reinbeck and Johnson Curtain Company. She quickly realizes how boring this new office really is, but not without finding the rhythm that lies underneath all of the mundane work. Through dance and music, Joy transforms the office and rekindles imagination and wonder in her coworkers. They form new connections with each other while also reconnecting with their own youthful wonder.

Film Details

Director: Emilee Wermenchuk

Writer: Emilee Wermenchuk

Year of Release: 2020

Running Time: 8:15

New England Connection: Emilee Wermenchuk, writer and director, grew up in Saco, Maine where she attended Thornton Academy before going to college in New York City. Since graduating from Marymount Manhattan College, she has moved back to Maine.

Director(s) Bio:: Emilee Wermenchuk was born and raised in southern Maine where she first discovered her love of the arts. Since a young age, she has always been interested in the visual and performing arts. Whether it was dancing or drawing in a sketch pad, she was always doing something creative. Emilee is now graduated from Marymount Manhattan College having finished a double major in Producing & Management and Digital Media & Video Production. She has always viewed herself predominantly as an “art facilitator” in the jobs that she has as a stage manager or production coordinator. Now that she is out of school, she hopes to continue working in the arts in some way whether it is in a creative or administrative position.

Number of shooting days: 2

Camera Used: Panasonic GH5

Editing software: Premiere Pro

Budget: 1,200

Financed by: Crowd funding (Kickstarter, etc)

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