Cotton Candy

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Laundromat. A woman is sitting and looking at spinning laundry drum while she eats a cotton candy. Her hands become sticky and she becomes dirty, a violent encounter with a stranger resurfaces. Her action of eating in the present merges with the past memory; the Laundromat becomes both an interior and exterior space filled with cotton candy. The machine’s repetitive noise fills the Laundromat and dictates the movement inside it. The sweetness becomes too sweet, sticky and soiling. And she is spinning. This non-genre film combines elements from Video-art, Video-dance and fictional-cinema.

Film Details

Director: Daphna Mero

Writer: Daphna Mero

Year of Release: 2013

Running Time: 4

New England Connection: Director Daphna Mero lives in New England and is starting an MFA program at Mass Art 2013-2014.

Director(s) Bio:: A Film Director and a Professional Dancer, Daphna Mero holds a B-Dance from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance; she is a film graduate of “Minshar for Art," Tel-Aviv.
Location is a key for her films, which deal with the human experience by incorporating film, art and dance.

Financed by: Self-financed