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The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston presents Psychedelic Cinema: Take a trip back to the 1960s

1 Feb , 2014 | Written by Dave Walker | Posted by:

Dave Walker breaks down the film behind the ICA’s event Pychedelic Cinema. He interviews filmmaker, Ken Brown, and percussionist, Ken Winokur, about their work, the era, and their journey.


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Boston on the Big Screen

31 Jan , 2011 | Written by John DeCarli | Posted by:

With Boston taking a front seat at the Academy Awards on February 27th, it’s easy to see why more than just a tax credit has drawn filmmakers to its streets -- Boston has a film identity all its own.


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Palestinian, Filmmaker, or Both?

31 Oct , 2010 | Written by B. Walter Irvine | Posted by:

This October, the Boston Palestine Film Festival showed how Palestinians could be both activists and filmmakers.


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Thy Will Be Done: A Woman’s Unique Journey

1 Sep , 2010 | Written by Kerry O’Donnell | Posted by:

Filmmaker Alice Dungan Bouvrie documents the life of Sara Herwig, a transgendered woman with aspirations to become a Presbyterian minister.


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The Who, the Whereuntofore, and The Why

31 May , 2010 | Written by Kerry O’Donnell | Posted by:

The principal players not meeting until the day before production, The Why epitomizes the new type of collaboration in independent filmmaking.


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Neurocinematics: Your Brain on Film

30 Jun , 2009 | Written by April Gardner | Posted by:

April Gardner provides a primer on the burgeoning academic field of neurocinematics, which may answer why we react (or don't) to certain films.


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The Instinct to Create

1 Mar , 2009 | Written by Marilyn D. Pennell | Posted by:

Marilyn Pennell recommends the documentary Who Does She Think She Is?, screening this month in Vermont at the Green Mountain Film Festival and Women’s Film Festival.


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What Happens When Your Script Receives “Coverage?”

1 Feb , 2009 | Written by Mere LaTour | Posted by:

Last month, Mere LaTour explained the benefits of story analysis. This month, she details what happens when a script receives 'coverage.'


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How to Utilize Story Development Services

1 Jan , 2009 | Written by Mere LaTour | Posted by:

Mere LaTour describes the benefits of seeking outside help with telling an effective cinematic story, whether fictional or documentary.


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Sizzle: A Global Warming Comedy to Heat Up Woods Hole Film Festival

1 Jul , 2008 | Written by Julia Cox | Posted by:

Marine biologist-turned filmmaker Dr. Randy Olson uses laughter as a vehicle for change.