Award Winners

2019 Award Winners

Jury First Prize – Have It All
Runner-up Schmoopie
Audience Award – The Party Boys

Jury First Prize – Four Keys & Burning My Tongue
Runner-up – The Extraordinary World of Cecily Blinkstop
Audience AwardSomewhere In July

Jury First Prize – Murder in Mobile
Runner-up – The Race
Audience Award – UpReach Therapeutic Equestrian Center

Jury First Prize – ROT
Runner-up – Cure for Insomnia
Audience AwardCure for Insomnia

Jury First Prize – The Hike
Runner-up – Encounter
Audience Award – Encounter

Festival Audience Award –  The Extraordinary World of Cecily Blinkstop

Best Cinematography
Jury First Prize – Coastline
Runner-up – The Alexandra Project

Best Director
Jury First Prize – Murder in Mobile
Runner-up – Four Keys

2018 Award Winners

Best Comedy
Jury – What the Doctor Ordered
Audience – Nobel Prize

Best Drama
Jury 1st Prize – The Real Thing
Runner up – The Privates
Audience – A Visit

Best Documentary
Jury 1st Prize – The Longest Year
Runner-up – The Field
Audience – Winter’s Watch

Best Thriller/Horror
Jury – Earworm
Audience – Alone

Jury – Best Director – The Real Thing
Jury – Best Cinematography – Manos Abierta En Esta Tierra (Open Hands in this Land)
Audience – Project Puffin

2017 Award Winners

2017 Jury Awards

East of Hollywood

The Long Haul


Best Cinematography
The Edge

Best Storytelling
Winter Hill

2017 Audience Awards

East of Hollywood

Pizza Birdy Bath Waterfall

Split Ticket

2016 Award Winners

2016 Jury Awards

Emerging Female Filmmaker
Aly Migliori for Knightsville

Pillow Talk

Coaching Colburn & Hustler of Providence



The Something


2016 Audience Awards

This Time It’s Shopping

Dunk Tank Clowns



The Dream

Music Video
Clothes Encounter


2015 Award Winners

2015 Jury Award Winners

Animation: Monocular Man
Comedy: Dear Family
Documentary: Anna
Drama: Machsom
Best Experimental: Curley: A Historiophoty by Billy Palumbo
Best Music Video: Underwater
Best Thriller: The Routine

2015 Audience Award Winners

Most Popular Animation: 11 Paper Place
Most Popular Comedy: Whaddya Gonna Do With All Those Zucchinis
Most Popular Documentary: Liz
Most Popular Drama: Rocketship
Most Popular Music Video: Underwater
Most Popular Thriller: The Routine

2014 Award Winners

2014 Jury Award Winners

Best Comedy: Scared is scared
Best Documentary: Shape of Things to Come
Best Drama: The Theft
Best Music Video: Mulligan’s Island
Best Sci-Fi: Citizen’s Band

2014 Audience Award Winners

Most Popular Drama: The Theft
Most Popular Documentary: The Watershed
Most Popular Comedy: Donner Party: The Musical
Most Popular Music Video: Denali: Live Free or Die
Most Popular Sci-Fi: Cold

2013 Award Winners

2013 Jury Award Winners

Best Action/Suspense: Fallout
Best Animation: You are Meow
Best Comedy: Love and Germophobia
Best Documentary: Selina Trieff Will Not Stop
Best Drama: Le Blue Stella
Best Experimental: Cotton Candy

2013 Audience Award Winners

Most Popular Animation: You are Meow
Most Popular Action/Suspense: Exit 7A
Most Popular Comedy: Filmmaking
Most Popular Documentary: Mongolia – Mining Challenges a Civilization
Most Popular Drama: Demi Pointe
Most Popular Experimental: Cotton Candy

2012 Award Winners

2012 Jury Award Winners

Best Animation: Dirty Night Clowns
Best Comedy: Neighbors
Best Documentary: Sanjiban
Best Drama: Anywhere But Here
Best Experimental: Birthmarkings

2012 Audience Award Winners

Most Popular Animation: Dirty Night Clowns
Most Popular Comedy: Buddy Love
Most Popular Documentary: What Do You Know?
Most Popular Drama: Pearl
Most Popular Experimental: The Ministry of the Stove

2011 Award Winners

2011 Audience Award Winners

Most Popular Animation/Experimental: Rootbound
Most Popular Comedy: Bighorn
Most Popular Documentary: The Stone Rules
Most Popular Drama: Dark Scribbles

2010 Award Winners

2010 Audience Award Winners

Most Popular Animation: Jelly Fishers (Steven Subotnick)
Most Popular Comedy: Respect for Acting
Most Popular Documentary: Making the Crooked Straight
Most Popular Drama: Unmoored
Most Popular Experimental: Upstream to Downstream

2009 Award Winners

2009 Jury Award Winners

Best Animation: The Other Way Out
Best Comedy: Stalk Much?
Best Documentary: The Reality Behind Closed Doors
Best Drama: John
New England Women Above the Line: Penumbra

2009 Audience Award Winners

Most Popular Animation: the five: fifteen
Most Popular Comedy: Clam Pie
Most Popular Documentary: The Reality Behind Closed Doors
Most Popular Drama: Did You…
New England Women Above the Line: Virginia Lee Burton: A Sense of Place