Size 22

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8 Sep , 2020   Posted by: Festival


Constance Smith is an Afro Latina plus size model from Boston, MA. She is an advocate for anyone struggling to love and accept their bodies. The documentary “Size 22” features how Constance Smith breaks the stereotypical beauty standard that idealizes thinness and pushes the idea that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Film Details

Director: Xintian Wang

Year of Release: 2020

Director(s) Bio:: Xintian Wang, 21, is a 2020 graduate of Boston University, where she majored in mass communication. As an international student in America, she hopes to bridge the cultural divide in America. Xintian currently serves as a video associate and editorial columnist for The Daily Free Press, which was recognized as the best college daily student newspaper in the Northeast by the Society of Professional Journalists. She produces features for marginalized groups whose voices are buried in the mainstream discourse. As an anchor for BUTV10, Amber, the only bilingual show at Boston University, she created an online platform for cultural exchange. Xintian’s experience in college ignited her interest in visual storytelling and she wants to continue shining a light on cultural minority groups.

As an international student studying in this multicultural country, I have produced features for marginalized groups with my unique cultural lens in the journalism world. I saw that many marginalized groups and cultures received incomplete media coverage in America. I want to provide a voice to those who feel silenced by producing multimedia human-interest stories that combat the negligence and ignorance created by white ethnocentrism.

Produced by: Julia Kim, Tina Wang