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Does Your Website Suck?

26 May , 2016 | Written by James Franklin and Kieran Masterton with introduction by Peter Broderick | Posted by:

Your website can enable you to maximize your film’s distribution, build a powerful audience, and have a sustainable career. Unfortunately, few independent filmmakers understand the importance of having an effective website let alone how to build and maintain a great site. Hence, this invaluable guide—courtesy of Peter Broderick, James Franklin and Kieran Masterton.


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Aerial Filmming with Drones

4 Sep , 2015 | Written by Suzy Cosgrove | Posted by:

Technology, creativity and collaboration are at the core of the drone videography company Elevated Perspective Media. Here, Tom Webb talks about how he and his team members, Judson Bell and Chris Walsh, went from a spark of an idea to FAA certification to a cutting edge aerial videography company creating footage for the Travel Channel Shark Hunters for NBC Sports.


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4 Filmmakers, 4 Cameras

25 Aug , 2015 | Written by Rob Kriston | Posted by:

Panasonic, RED, Canon? What makes a filmmaker choose their camera? Here’s four local filmmakers talking about what led them to their camera of choice, along with camera selection advice for up-and-coming filmmakers.


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Technology Trends: Talamas staff members talk about what’s trending in digital production equipment

19 Nov , 2014 | Written by Casey Stirling | Posted by:

Every year, digital production technology improves, and 2014 has been no exception. spoke with some of the staff at Talamas to find out what’s new in production technology and what’s coming next.


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How to Utilize Slow-Motion Footage in Your Next Video Project

10 Sep , 2014 | Written by | Posted by:

Adding slow-motion video can mean the difference between a rough draft and a polished film. provides this list of tips on how to use stock slow motion video in your film. Republished with permission from


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Tech Talk, Networking and a Host of Parties: A Report from the 2014 NAB Show

1 May , 2014 | Written by Maud Dillingham | Posted by:

With acres of exhibit space showcasing the latest in broadcast technology, around 90,000 attendees and a dizzying array of informational sessions, saying NAB is “overwhelming” is an understatement. Here, writer Maud Dillingham provides her first-hand report of tech developments, distribution insight and the networking (aka partying) that made up this year's annual show of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB).


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Planet Takeout: Documenting Both Sides of the Takeout Window

3 Jan , 2014 | Written by Dave Walker | Posted by:

An effective coupling of bold field reporting with innovative technology, the documentary project Planet Takeout succeeds admirably in celebrating a unique, if often overlooked, cultural crossroads.


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Crowdsourcing Expands to Film Production

1 Dec , 2013 | Written by Michael Cormier | Posted by:

Juntobox wants to know what films you want produced.


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Lighten Up: Doing More with Less without Compromise

31 Jan , 2013 | Written by Guy Holt | Posted by:

This month, Talmas Broadcast is hosting two workshops on advanced production craft by noted Focal Press Author and ETCP trainer Richard Cadena on Feb 9 & 16. Get a window into the second workshop, Lighten Up: Doing More with Less without Compromise, by checking out the article below.


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Recap: Most Popular Stories of 2012

3 Jan , 2013 | Written by Michele Meek | Posted by:

Here's a recap of's 15 most popular stories from 2012 and five stories from the archives with the most views.