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Stepping Up Your Film Career

5 Mar , 2018 | Posted by:

Whether you’re someone who’s been working in film for years or you’re a newbie, you’re likely ready to kick your film career up a notch. Our panel of pros will discuss the state of the independent film industry in the 21st century, offering some tips for funding, producing, and distributing your films.


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2017 Festival Interview: East of Hollywood

13 Sep , 2017 | Written by Harry Nichols | Posted by:

Chris Caccioppoli challenges misrepresentation of Asians in the entertainment industry with his mockumentary East of Hollywood, which is screening through October 15 as part of the 2017 Online New England Film Festival. In this interview, he talks about the role of Asian-Americans in Hollywood, about seeing audiences interact with his films, and about the exciting new projects he’s working on.


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Cape Verdean Stories

14 Jun , 2016 | Posted by:

Claire Andrade-Watkins talks to about the inspiration, distribution and television broadcasts for her films, which are being presented in a retrospective on Cape Verdean history at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.


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Aerial Filmming with Drones

4 Sep , 2015 | Written by Suzy Cosgrove | Posted by:

Technology, creativity and collaboration are at the core of the drone videography company Elevated Perspective Media. Here, Tom Webb talks about how he and his team members, Judson Bell and Chris Walsh, went from a spark of an idea to FAA certification to a cutting edge aerial videography company creating footage for the Travel Channel Shark Hunters for NBC Sports.


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Behind Comedy Central’s Another Period

29 Jun , 2015 | Written by Devin Karambelas | Posted by:

Curious about the Rhode Island connection to Comedy Central’s latest sitcom Another Period?  Devin Karambelas of the Rhode Island International Film Festival caught up with its director Jeremy Konner about the show’s Newport obsession.


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Ask the Screenplay Doctor: How to Pitch a TV Series

1 May , 2014 | Written by Susan Kouguell | Posted by:

How can you pitch a new TV series? Screenplay Doctor Susan Kouguell finds an answer to this question of the month with Jeff Greenstein, the Emmy-winning writer and producer of Dream On, Friends, Will & Grace, Parenthood and Desperate Housewives. E-mail your question to


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The Folklorist: From Public Access to Emmy Award-winning Show

1 May , 2014 | Written by Michael Cormier | Posted by:

In almost every respect, NewTV’s original program, The Folklorist, is little--small budget, limited studio space, even the stories are little (a few minutes each). Yet what started as a modest web and public access television series has grown into an Emmy Award-winning production that will be available in 22-30 million households this year. How did they do it?


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Kickstart New England: Eat Plants Love Animals and An Act of Dog

3 Jan , 2014 | Written by Casey Stirling | Posted by:

Every month, highlights new local film projects looking for funding via crowd-sourcing. This month, we are featuring two campaigns, both documentaries supporting animals: Eat Plants Love Animals, on Indiegogo, and An Act of Dog, on Kickstarter. To feature your film in this series, e-mail


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Jeff Greenstein: Stories from TV’s Front Line

1 Jul , 2013 | Written by Susan Kouguell | Posted by:

Breaking into writing for scripted television is competitive and challenging. I know what you’re thinking: Is this news? You’ve all heard and read this sentence countless times. But -- this month’s column sheds direct light and insight on writing and working in television, with advice from someone with ties to New England.


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Rollin’ Out The Red Carpet for Emerson College EVVY Awards

30 Apr , 2011 | Written by K. Correia | Posted by:

On May 14th, the Cutler Majestic Theatre at Emerson College will play host to the EVVY Awards, a student-run organization modeled after professional award shows that recognizes student talent and achievement.