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2018 Festival Interview: Nobel Prize

12 Sep , 2018 | Written by John Arvanitis | Posted by:

Anthony Ambrosino’s pithy meditation on language, usage and how we all combat border at a minimum wage job will make you laugh, cautiously.


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Local Actors on the Set of Ted 2

20 Aug , 2015 | Written by Christine Galeone | Posted by:

Five local actors with speaking roles in the Boston-based comedy Ted 2 talk about working on the film with producer, director, star and co-writer Seth MacFarlane and actor Mark Wahlberg.


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Boston Indie Mafia

14 Jul , 2015 | Posted by:

Now entering its second year, the Boston Indie Mafia opens its doors to filmmakers, actors and media folks at all stages of their career to network, create films, pitch projects and get advice.


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Headshots How-To

7 Jul , 2015 | Written by Caitlin Arcand | Posted by:

Countless acting workshops, years of vocal training, a stacked résumé that has taken you months or years, but are you forgetting the most important thing? The headshot. Here’s a guide to how to find a photographer and get that perfect headshot to sell your look to the casting team.


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How to Be a Voice-Over Artist: Understanding Today’s Landscape

1 Aug , 2014 | Written by Kevin T. Cunningham | Posted by:

If you are thinking, “I’m a good actor, but I don’t necessarily have a great voice,” keep reading. First, the voice-over industry might be different than you thought, especially since recent technology has revolutionized the voice-over industry—changing both the work available and how we get work. Read on to learn about the scope, sound, and sourcing of today’s voice-overs.


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Advice for Actors: An Interview with Erica Derrickson

1 Aug , 2014 | Written by Josh Coleman | Posted by:

Photographer and Actress Erica Derrickson talks with about her advice for actors and her organization Hollywood East Actors.


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Casting Local Talent: CP Casting and Local Actors on Infinitely Polar Bear

1 Apr , 2014 | Written by Sarah Blood | Posted by:

Infinitely Polar Bear, which played at Sundance Film Festival in 2014, was cast in Boston and shot in New England.’s Sarah Blood talks with Boston casting director, Carolyn Pickman, and some actors from the film about their work.


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Wearing the Many Hats of Filmmaking: A Conversation with Alex Karpovsky

1 Apr , 2013 | Written by K. Correia | Posted by:

Massachusetts native Alex Karpovsky discusses what it’s like to fill multiple roles, both on screen and off, in the production of his two new films, Rubberneck and Red Flag.


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Recap: Most Popular Stories of 2012

3 Jan , 2013 | Written by Michele Meek | Posted by:

Here's a recap of's 15 most popular stories from 2012 and five stories from the archives with the most views.


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A Voice Heard Around the World: An Interview with Voice-Over Artist and Audio Producer Brett Barry

1 Nov , 2012 | Written by K. Correia | Posted by:

Voice-Over Artist and Audio Producer Brett Barry gives a candid look at the profession he’s chosen and explains why you have to love what you do.