The Race

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3 Sep , 2019   Posted by: anthemmultimedia


A young, idealistic Huntington’s Disease researcher comes face-to-face with three generations of a family devastated by the fatal, incurable disease she studies. For the scientist, who has never met anyone with Huntington’s Disease, the stakes of her research become real. For a Huntington’s Disease patient at the center of the story who is watching her mother sicken, fearing her own demise, and afraid for her two kids, it’s a mother’s plea – and a race against time.

Film Details

Director: Dina Rudick

Writer: Dina Rudick

Year of Release: 2018

Running Time: 10:22

New England Connection: Dina Rudick lives in the Boston area and runs the Boston-based video production company, Anthem Multimedia.

Director(s) Bio:: Dina Rudick is the owner and director of Anthem Multimedia, a video production company in Boston, MA specializing in short-form cinematic documentaries. Dina has won 4 Emmy Awards for her video and documentary work, as well as dozens of national photography awards during her decades-long career as a photojournalist and documentary filmmaker, and her films have screened at dozens of festivals worldwide. A skilled communicator and effective team leader, Dina excels at guiding her team of creative experts toward a common vision. Dina’s approach is grounded in journalism ethics and aesthetics, though her creative scope invites use of animation and motion graphics if and when they serve the concept.

Dina has done extensive documentary work around the globe, including in Kenya, Pakistan, Bolivia, and Haiti. Dina taught photography and video for years at Boston University College of Communication and Harvard University Extension, and has lectured widely at institutions in the United States.

Number of shooting days: 8

Camera Used: Canon C300 Mark II

Editing software: Premiere Pro CC

Budget: 110,000

Financed by: Corporate financing

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