Five Ways to Leave Your Lover

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Beautifully shot on super 16mm film, this film portrays the journeys of a diversity of couples who all arrive at the same universal moment: romantic disconnect. This allows the film to celebrate previously unseen characters, which form the contemporary American social tapestry.

Film Details

Director: Lukas Huffman

Writer: Lukas Huffman

Year of Release: 2012

Running Time: 23

New England Connection: The writer and director, Lukas Huffman, was born and raised in Montpelier, Vermont.

Director(s) Bio:: Lukas Huffman is a film and video director who was born in Vermont and is currently based in the New York City area. He applies lessons learned from his 10-year career as a professional snowboarder to his passion for filmmaking. This produces kinetically charged moving images. Lukas graduated from Columbia University in 2011. He works with non-profit organizations and product brands to create cutting edge advertising materials. His award winning narrative fiction work is seen in festivals around the world.

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