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1 Sep , 2016   Posted by: bsilberfarb


An allegory about a young woman who becomes lost in the Vermont woods while searching for a fabled ghost town. This is first part of a three part series. The second, Fire was completed in the summer of 2016.

Film Details

Director: Ben Silberfarb

Writer: Ben Silberfarb

Running Time: 16 minutes

New England Connection: All New England actors, crew and shot in Vermont.

Director(s) Bio:: Ben owns a small production company that imagines and creates content for those who wish to hire him. He is an experienced camera operator/DOP, writer and director. His projects range from short films, feature films (www.briefreunion.com) and television commercials - plus everything in between.

Number of shooting days: 8

Camera Used: Canon 1d-c

Editing software: Premiere

Budget: $15,000

Financed by: Self-financed

For more information: http://www.bsilberfarb.com