The Mushroom Huntress

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8 Sep , 2020   Posted by: jimpicariello


After Leigh is cut off from her cold, wealthy mother, and witnesses the arrest of her loving-yet-scheming father, she attempts to support herself by capitalizing on her love of wild mushrooms. But while foraging along the forest floor she discovers a shocking family secret.

Film Details

Director: Jim Picariello

Writer: Lynne Williams and Jim Picariello

Year of Release: 2020

Running Time: 9:40

New England Connection: The film was shot in Acadia National Park, Maine, and most of the cast and crew live in Maine and Massachusetts.

Director(s) Bio:: Jim's a screenwriter/filmmaker who is trying to break into the industry from rural, coastal Maine. It's a surefire plan!

He is a 2018 Stowe Story Labs alum. His dark romantic comedy screenplay, The Cult of Us, was a Quarter-Finalist in the Nicholl Fellowship, his short script, Ninja Chiropractor, was a Semifinalist in the 2019 Austin Film Festival screenplay competition, and he's a 2-time Pitch Finalist at Austin.

Jim’s first short film, This Time It’s Shopping, made for $100, was selected by 18 film festivals and won 5 top awards.

This earned the attention of Sesame Street, who hired Jim to make a short film about “The Number 6” on a Maine farm, which aired on HBO's Sesame Street in 2018.

Jim’s subsequent short film, Passive Aggressive Dads, was selected by 22 festivals, including Sedona, Nantucket, Breckenridge, SOHO, and BFI London.

The film has also won 3 top awards, including Best Comedy (up against features) at the Beaufort International Film Festival. He has co-written and directed his latest family-friendly short film, The Mushroom Huntress, starring Hoyt Richards (the world's first male supermodel) and Lacey Hannan.

Number of shooting days: 5

Editing software: Premiere Pro

Budget: 50,000

Financed by: Self-financed

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