Manos Abierta En Esta Tierra (Open Hands in this Land)

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4 Sep , 2018   Posted by: RawArtWorks


The land between family and community.

Film Details

Director: Marylys Merida

Writer: Marylys Merida

Year of Release: 2017

Running Time: 8:24

New England Connection: Marylys is from Lynn, MA and attended Raw Art Work's Real to Reel Filmschool in Lynn, MA. She is currently pursuing a film degree at Syracuse University but stills comes back to Massachusetts every summer.

Director(s) Bio:: Marylys Merida is 20-year-old filmmaker from Lynn, MA who is currently attending Syracuse University for film. She was fortunate enough to make this film through a grant awarded to Raw Art Works (Lynn, MA) by Adobe's Project 1324. She is on the verge of breaking every rule in order to become a respected female filmmaker.

Number of shooting days: 6

Camera Used: Sony A7S

Editing software: Adobe Premiere

Budget: $5000

Financed by: Grants/Scholarships

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