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NewEnglandFilm Seeks New Leadership

26 Oct , 2020 | Written by Michele Meek | Posted by:

The time has come for to be handed off to new leadership. See the current call for proposals.


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The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston presents Psychedelic Cinema: Take a trip back to the 1960s

1 Feb , 2014 | Written by Dave Walker | Posted by:

Dave Walker breaks down the film behind the ICA’s event Pychedelic Cinema. He interviews filmmaker, Ken Brown, and percussionist, Ken Winokur, about their work, the era, and their journey.


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Ask the Screenplay Doctor: 2013 Retrospective and Questions

3 Jan , 2014 | Written by Susan Kouguell | Posted by:

Screenplay Doctor, Susan Kouguell, reflects on her interviews from 2013 and answers your questions. Email to have your screenwriting question answered in an upcoming issue.


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A Decade After Film School: Where Are They Now?

31 Mar , 2010 | Written by Jared M. Gordon | Posted by:

Film school was ten years ago. What are my fellow alumni up to? Not film, turns out.


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Happy Trails to Boomtown

1 Aug , 2006 | Written by Ellen Mills | Posted by:

In the early days of television, and for two decades after, children in New England found a hero in a cowboy named Rex Trailer. Massachusetts native Michael Bavaro’s film, Rex Trailer’s Boomtown is an affectionate portrait of the show and its star. The film screens this month at the Rhode Island Film Festival.


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Remembering John Marshall (1932-2005)

1 Jul , 2005 | Written by Alice Apley & David Tamés | Posted by:

A retrospective of the career of John Marshall who spent five decades filmmaking the everyday lives and struggles of the people from Nyae Nyae in Bushmanland, Namibia.


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Lucky 7: Celebrates a B-Day

1 Aug , 2004 | Written by Michele Meek | Posted by:

Have a look at this visual retrospective of the past years at


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Remembering Richard Broadman

1 Mar , 2000 | Written by Holly Madden | Posted by:

A talented and uncompromising documentary filmmaker, Broadman left behind a loyal following of friends and film peers.


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Film Festival Celebrates Paul Robeson

1 Jul , 1999 | Written by Gina Harris | Posted by:

In May, a film series at the African Meeting House of the Museum of Afro American History in Boston featured the Robeson legacy.