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1 Sep , 2011   Posted by: NewEnglandFilm.com


Mild-mannered Ned Swanburg’s evening is ruined when he accidentally runs over his time-traveling future self while driving home from the corner gas station. Aided by Verne, his ne’er-do-well roommate, Ned takes the atomic-powered Time Suit from the body of his future incarnation and attempts to rewrite history. Will he succeed in his desperate mission to save his own future, or will he ruin the timeline forever, breaking the laws of physics and hurling himself headfirst into a never-ending paradox of madness?

Film Details

Director: Chico Eastridge, Ben Peberdy, Drew Peberdy

Writer: Chico Eastridge, Ben Peberdy, Drew Peberdy

Year of Release: 2011

Running Time: 8

New England Connection: Chico Eastridge, Ben Peberdy, Drew Peberdy, and Lucas DeVries hail from the Upper Valley region of Vermont and met each other while attending high school at Thetford Academy, in Thetford, Vermont. Matthew Mazur lives and works in Norwich, Vermont. Nick Zandstra lives and works in West Topsham, Vermont.

Director(s) Bio:: Separately, Chico Eastridge, Drew Peberdy, and Ben Peberdy are but mere mortals. Together, they are Team MALONE!, a determined organization dedicated to the creation of quality film shorts. MALONE! made their debut at the 2010 48-Hour Film Slam in Bradford, Vermont, where their entry picked up the "Best Directed" prize and placed second overall. Their endless quest continues...