New Hampshire Film Festival

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Wanting Alex

Sep 2011 | Posted by:

2010 | Directed by Chris Akers

Pete’s in love with his roommate’s girlfriend, a beautiful, quirky, and charming girl named Alex. They are never apart. They are best friends. And she is madly in love with the most effeminate heterosexual heartthrob since that guy from the Partridge Family. But as far as Pete can tell, this is her only flaw. Through hilarious flashbacks and Pete’s own commentary, we journey with him through the all too familiar anguish of enduring a friendship that you know should be so much more. With self-deprecating humor and insightful rants on what it means to be “right” for someone, Pete represents the hopeless romantic and loveable loser in all of us.

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Catching On: The Day the World Turned Gay

Sep 2010 | Posted by:

2009 | Directed by Nick Pistorino

Catching On: The Day the World Turned Gay begins the day same-sex marriage is nationally legalized, and young Brian McCabe wakes up to a nation divided. His father and other slippery slope theorists fear that homosexuality will suddenly spread across the world… and it does. Now Brian must fight against the zombie-like gays and lesbians as they pass on their condition through ass grabbing. He’ll have to overcome his adolescent awkwardness, save the girl of his dreams, and try to straighten everything out before it’s too late.

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Crooked Lane

Sep 2010 | Posted by:

2009 | Directed by Chase Bailey

A disappearance. Is the lost eight-year old girl from rural New Hampshire truly gone, or has she become one of Les Enfants Perdus (The Lost Children)? Struggling with the balance between longing, obsession, loss and love, one mother’s pain leads her to see the child threaded through her days, even 10 years later. Her choices could cost those around her more than she knows.

Inspired by stories told by generations of New Englanders and French Canadians, the legend of Crooked Lane weaves a tale of fact and fiction to paint a picture of our longing for the ones we can not save. Can we ever overcome the legends of the Les Temps de Abattus (The Times of the Culled)?

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Killing Dinner

Sep 2010 | Posted by:

2009 | Directed by Mitchell P. Ganem

“Dinner is the best form of foreplay. Especially when it leads to sex, guns and mayhem.” A special ops agent drops off the grid and into the kitchen, working incognito as a chef. When old lovers and comrades in arms come calling with guns blazing, Michael Dinner must put down his chef’s knife and pick up a gun.

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Mito-Kids: Documenting Life

Sep 2010 | Posted by:

2009 | Directed by Marc A. Dole

Mito-Kids: Documenting Life is a short documentary about four teenage sisters who have grown up with disabilities that stem from mitochondrial disease, a chronic, genetic disorder that occurs when the mitochondria of the cell fail to function properly. This video family history follows the Dole family as they are diagnosed with a series of diverse medical problems including diabetes, deafness, seizures, fatigue issues, thyroid problems and dementia. Frustrated by the lack of information available, they look for answers, while maintaining a focus on living their lives to the fullest. Marc Dole is the father of these four young women and the film’s producer and director.