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Out Again

Sep 2018 | Posted by:

2017 | Directed by Robin Cloud

Cat visits her parents for the weekend and is confronted by her mother’s inability to remember one key detail.

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The Real Thing

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2017 | Directed by Brandon Kelley

The trip home for a Soldier is surreal. Things have changed. The people are older and don’t understand what he’s been through. The scenery is different and sometimes home doesn’t feel like home. For one soldier the ultimate change is in his child. While on his tour of duty, his son has transitioned to be his daughter. He has never met her in person, and today he is coming home to surprise her.

For his daughter, life is full of obstacles and challenges. The people are curious and don’t understand what she’s been through. Her parents’ attitudes are still adjusting, and sometimes home doesn’t feel like home. For Allie, a rough day at school ends with at surprise. Her father is home from the army, and he’s standing in her room.

Parental love is unconditional. It transcends a person’s memory of their child. The Real Thing is an infinitely stronger bond.

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2018 | Directed by Olivia Dalfino

This film is about a teenager’s journey through the 5 stages of grief, and how she overcame minor tragedy. The main character’s goal is to reach the final stage; acceptance, and to finally conquer her grievances. The film itself is a metaphor– the depression scene is revolved around a bathtub– which depicts the feeling of drowning, falling, almost being frozen in time.

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Imagine Kolle 37

Sep 2017 | Posted by:

Imagine Kolle 37
2017 | Directed by Michele Meek

“Imagine Kolle 37” is a short documentary/narrative hybrid film about two girls who imagine their way to Kolle 37, a real adventure playground in Berlin, Germany.

Recently called “the mother of all Berlin playgrounds” by The New York Times, Kolle 37 enables children to build and climb three-story wooden structures, make fire, and use hammers, saws and axes. Founded in 1990, Kolle 37 invites young people ages six through sixteen, without their parents, to embrace risky play in the “adventure playground” under the loose supervision of playworkers.

Although about 1,000 adventure playgrounds exist in Europe, there are only a few in the U.S. where the concept of “free play” is becoming an endangered concept. But adventure playgrounds not only encourage young people to play outdoors in all seasons, they also provide children a chance to face risk, learn skills, and build confidence.

Ultimately, “Imagine Kolle 37” poses the question—can we, as Americans, imagine Kolle 37, which in fact is a real children’s playground in Berlin?

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All My Voice

Sep 2016 | Posted by:

2016 | Directed by Zoë Morgan Chiswick

A view into the mind of a brilliant yet challenged scientist.

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Coaching Colburn

Sep 2016 | Posted by:

2014 | Directed by Jeff Bemiss

coachingJames Colburn was born with Fragile X Syndrome. At 26, he is a child at heart who uses his gift of comedic timing to inspire those around him. James is living proof there is love and laughter in the face of autism.

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Dear Family

Sep 2015 | Posted by:

2014 | Directed by Sarah Lew

Annie, fed up with how she is treated at home, runs away. She does however, make sure to write to her family, providing explanation of her departure, and the grand visions of the life in front of her.

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Happy Hour

Sep 2014 | Posted by:

Happy Hour
2013 | Directed by Gretl Claggett

When a woman meets her boyfriend for a romantic night out, a martini triggers childhood memories that threaten her ability to trust and love. Based on true events and a poem; narrated by Julianne Moore.

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Sep 2013 | Posted by:

2013 | Directed by Aidan Rea Payne

Two filmmakers discuss the principal understanding of filmmaking and find themselves questioning their own understanding of the subject.

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Dirty Night Clowns

Sep 2012 | Posted by:

2010 | Directed by Ryan Gibeau

Dirty Night Clowns is a wonderful tale of curiosity, danger and pursuit. Although its never known what the path ahead has in store, Chris takes a journey driven by his nervous curiosity to find the nefarious character who roamed about his house while he slept. What seems scary and evil from a distance might end up as something unexpected as a cast of characters lures Chris in for a special ending.