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8 Sep , 2020   Posted by: lucakm


Cameron, a neat and methodical salesman on the brink of losing all his patience with a coworker, George, who opposes his manners finds that they share something in common.

Film Details

Director: Lucrezia Mozzato

Writer: Lucrezia Mozzato

Year of Release: 2020

Running Time: 10-11 minutes

New England Connection: George was filmed in Connecticut. The actors and crew work all around New England. I met the crew through

Director(s) Bio:: Lucrezia Mozzato was born in Italy and grew up in Connecticut. She's currently studying Cinema and Digital Media Production at the University of Hartford. Lucrezia is pursuing a career film and television production.

Number of shooting days: 3

Camera Used: Alexa Classic

Editing software: Adobe Premiere Pro

Budget: $1000

Financed by: Friends & Family

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