Rhode Island

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Mobsters In The Mountains

6 Mar , 2017 | Posted by:

action/thriller feature film

(2017) Directed by Graham Abraham

Franklin flees with his wife Katherine and daughter Emma from New York City to the mountainous countryside to defect from the malicious Woodlawn Crime Family mob that is led by the evil Don Gatti. But 6 years later the mafia discovers them and a murderous game of cat and mouse ensues. It is up to FBI agent Bob, who Emma falls in love with, and agent Dylan to protect Emma and her family as witnesses from the gangsters.

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25 Aug , 2016 | Posted by:

The shapes we make - an advertisement for planet earth

(2015) Directed by Conner Griffith

An exploration of the grown and the manufactured through their recurring motifs.

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One Foot In The Grave

13 Apr , 2016 | Posted by:

Who lives and who dies is the question when an aging man, with nothing left to lose after the death of his wife, sets out to get the justice his famil

(2015) Directed by Dave Borges

What lengths would you go to for family? For your child? Would you kill? Would you endanger the lives of others you love? Or would they stop you, hold you back?

And when you are old and gray and all those you loved are gone, buried. What then? Would you take up arms and seek justice; vengeance?

And what of the unintended consequences? What happens when in your quest for blood you take the life of a loved one of another? What of their pain? Their justice?

This is the place where Angelo Morello finds himself. A man, whose daughter was brutally taken from him and his wife 25 years ago. Now, with the passing of his beloved wife Rose; Angelo has no one left to fear for. To protect. To hold him back. He finally sets out to confront those responsible and exact his justice.

Who will live? Who will die?

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Confused…by Love

12 Feb , 2016 | Posted by:

A non-social author and his wife, invites his successful best friend & former ex-girlfriend to stay with them to save their home from foreclosure.

(2016) Directed by Crosby Tatum

FERGUSON MIDDLEBECKER, an up and coming author and his wife, TIFFANY MARIE MIDDLEBECKER, a well known “shock jock”, and after-hours socialite in the city, are a married couple, who are falling on hard times in their marriage and finances.

Things between the two hit a “boiling point” when Ferguson and Tiffany’s house is suddenly up for foreclosure due to them falling behind on their mortgage payments.

All hope seems lost until REGGIE MAXWELL; Ferguson’s financially successful college friend appears out of nowhere, without a place to stay; along his girlfriend, JOLINE “JO-JO” THOMPSON, who is also Ferguson’s “eccentric” & gorgeous ex-girlfriend.

To save their home from being foreclosed, and their credit as well, Ferguson and Tiffany both make a deal to have Reggie and Jo-Jo stay with them, to help pay their mortgage back payments off in five days.

Secret truths, attractions, and sparks all become revealed as two couple’s lives are suddenly at a crossroads, and the decisions they both make will affect them, and everyone around them, both personally, and financially as well.

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Higher Methods

5 Feb , 2016 | Posted by:

A pyschological horror/mystery about fame and the price one pays to achieve it.

(2018) Directed by Nathan Suher

HIGHER METHODS follows the twisted tale of Matt, an actor whose sister
has gone missing. Matt’s frantic search for his lost sibling, last seen in silent cameo in an
unknown film, leads him to a fanatical theatre group, whose leader employs horrifying and,
ultimately, maddening methods to teach the art of performance. Here, Matt dives down a
frightening “rabbit hole,” joining the other crazed, compelling characters inhabiting this world
with no escape, where it is impossible to determine what’s real and what is only imagined.

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19 Jan , 2016 | Posted by:

film noir of gritty Boston

(2016) Directed by Claudio Jimenez

Inspire by true events of gritty Boston, In this film noir the mood is set by Betty who has calculated a plan for her husband' s fate.

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Manny Quinn

18 Oct , 2015 | Posted by:

The outré story of a loner who's ability to "live through strangers" borders on the surreal.

(2015) Directed by Brian LeBlanc

Manuel “Manny” Quinn is a lonesome, inexpressive security guard who by night mans the nightshift, and by day is a bit of a looker-on. He spends his day watching strangers with a sensitive intrigue, then daydreams of himself as them or as a charismatic person in their lives. But it's his own vicarious nature that could lead to his unraveling.

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Who Did It? The Clue VCR Game

17 Jun , 2015 | Posted by:

The first game of a new technology quickly forgotten, it lives on over 30 years after its release.

(2015) Directed by Frank Durant and Tim Labonte

In 1985, Parker Brothers produced the CLUE VCR Mystery Game for VHS.

Filmed in Massachusetts, it would cast a group of unknown actors to portray the iconic CLUE characters such as Col. Mustard and Professor Plum. While most productions were filmed in Hollywood and New York City at the time, Parker Brothers took a chance and broke the mold by filming with New England based talent.

At the time, it became the most successful video board game of its time, revolutionizing the medium of VHS and video gaming. A few years later, Nintendo and Sega would hit toy stores across the country and the VHS began to fade away as the gaming industry quickly changed.

30 years later, the cast and crew reunite to tell the tale which many have forgotten. The trail blazers that helped change the toy market and the actors who put Boston back on the map as a destination for filmmaking, each give their personal and professional opinion on the importance of what the CLUE VCR Mystery Game was all about.

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The Nature of the Flame

17 Jun , 2015 | Posted by:

the beauty of dreaming

(2014) Directed by Mike Messier

The Nature of the Flame burns softy as two young dreamers cross lives and paths in a supernatural landscape. This existential journey was filmed in The Providence Zen Center, the historic Newport Cliff Walk and the natural environments of Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Lindsey Elisabeth Cork and Jocelyn Padilla star as a wandering spirit and her ethereal mentor-sage. Writer/Director Mike Messier and DP/Editor Chris Hunter co-produced the The Nature of the Flame as the debut by Rhode Island South Filmmakers Group.

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the Winchester Orphanage

5 Apr , 2015 | Posted by:

(2014) Directed by Jeff Roman

The Winchester Orphanage is a mocumentary film that follows the progression of a run-down, state funded orphanage, with a bizarre history, as it tries desperately to find homes for its last remaining orphans, who are now 30 years old.