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Higher Methods (2018)

5 Feb , 2016   Posted by:

HIGHER METHODS follows the twisted tale of Matt, an actor whose sister
has gone missing. Matt’s frantic search for his lost sibling, last seen in silent cameo in an
unknown film, leads him to a fanatical theatre group, whose leader employs horrifying and,
ultimately, maddening methods to teach the art of performance. Here, Matt dives down a
frightening “rabbit hole,” joining the other crazed, compelling characters inhabiting this world
with no escape, where it is impossible to determine what’s real and what is only imagined.

Director: Nathan Suher

Writer: Lenny Schwartz

Cast: Michael Christoforo, Abigail Jean Lucas, Jamie Lyn Bagley, Aaron Andrade, Anthony Ambrosino, Brad Kirton, Marybeth Paul

Production Company: IM Filmworks

Producer: Nathan Suher

Director of Photography: Ken Willinger

Filming Locations: Rhode Island, Massachusetts

Budget: $30,000

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