Meet Your Farmer: Reed Farm

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A short profile of Dan Tibbetts, a dairy farmer from Windsor, Maine. As small dairy farms around New England struggle to survive in an industry that is increasingly hostile, Tibbetts has an additional worry: how to pass his farm, and his craft, on to his children.

The Meet Your Farmer project is a series of eight short films about Maine farmers. ( Executive Producer – Maine Farmland Trust (

Film Details

Director: Cecily Pingree & Jason Mann

Writer: Cecily Pingree & Jason Mann

Year of Release: 2010

Running Time: 7

New England Connection: Co-directors Cecily Pingree and Jason Mann live on the island of North Haven, Maine, where they run a small production company, Pull-Start Pictures. Pingree was born and raised on the island.

Director(s) Bio:: Cecily Pingree is an independent filmmaker who began her film work with Big Mouth Productions in New York City. She has worked on stories ranging from the controversy surrounding media consolidation, to rural health in Africa, to fishing and farming issues in Maine.
She has also done commissioned work for clients such as Angela Adams Design, the Chewonki Foundation and the Small Planet Institute. Cecily also teaches video classes to youth.
Jason Mann is a cinematographer, writer and editor at Pull-Start Pictures. He worked for Compass Light as an editor on Discovery HD Theater's series Sunrise Earth. He was also the cinematographer on Lost Souls (Animas Perdidas), a documentary by Monika Navarro, which aired nationally on Independent Lens in 2010.