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Confused…by Love

12 Feb , 2016 | Posted by:

A non-social author and his wife, invites his successful best friend & former ex-girlfriend to stay with them to save their home from foreclosure.

(2016) Directed by Crosby Tatum

FERGUSON MIDDLEBECKER, an up and coming author and his wife, TIFFANY MARIE MIDDLEBECKER, a well known “shock jock”, and after-hours socialite in the city, are a married couple, who are falling on hard times in their marriage and finances.

Things between the two hit a “boiling point” when Ferguson and Tiffany’s house is suddenly up for foreclosure due to them falling behind on their mortgage payments.

All hope seems lost until REGGIE MAXWELL; Ferguson’s financially successful college friend appears out of nowhere, without a place to stay; along his girlfriend, JOLINE “JO-JO” THOMPSON, who is also Ferguson’s “eccentric” & gorgeous ex-girlfriend.

To save their home from being foreclosed, and their credit as well, Ferguson and Tiffany both make a deal to have Reggie and Jo-Jo stay with them, to help pay their mortgage back payments off in five days.

Secret truths, attractions, and sparks all become revealed as two couple’s lives are suddenly at a crossroads, and the decisions they both make will affect them, and everyone around them, both personally, and financially as well.

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Joe August – Bad for Me (Music Video)

12 Feb , 2016 | Posted by:

Music video for Joe August's song "Bad for Me" from his Up to Now EP

(2016) Directed by David Foley II

A young musician must come to grips with his relationship to a female desert spirit.

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LILAC (a WEB Series)

18 Jun , 2015 | Posted by:

What if Robin Hood was a homeless ten-year-old girl living in a modern city...

(2014) Directed by Hank Isaac

A homeless street waif battles child trafficking, homelessness, bullying, and violence as she attempts to right the world's wrongs.

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Under the Boardwalk: The MONOPOLY Story

2 Dec , 2012 | Posted by:

A documentary about anything and everything Monopoly.

(2011) Directed by Kevin Tostado

Shows how the classic board game has become a worldwide cultural phenomenon, and follows the colorful players who come together to compete for the coveted title of Monopoly World Champion.

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The Moon Under Glass

9 Sep , 2010 | Posted by:

(2010) Directed by Jeremy Collins

Waking up to another sunny day, Hal goes about without a single care. His life is perfect. Everyone loves him, and everything always just seems to work out. But these loving neighbors, faultless luck, and glorious atmospheres are the work of someone else: a man whose sole purpose is to construct Hal's world; from every car that is parked, to the words spilling out from each friend's lips. This creator, of sorts, is the one responsible for Hal's flawless life. Looking to instill Hal's world as a paradise, he crafts a playful, exciting girl named Dali. After she continuously intrigues Hal, he begins to grasp a strong connection with her and even starts tasting love for the first time. But looking for any simple sign of appreciation, the creator begins testing Hal. Simply just trying to verify that his life's work means something to the only person that matters, he consistently stages opportunities for Hal to express gratefulness, only to repeatedly come up disappointed by Hal's oblivion. Everything begins to change when the creator, fed up with Hal's lack of gratitude, removes Dali and abandons his work. But as Hal's atmosphere begins to fade away, he can only dwell on Dali's disappearance. With his mind preoccupied and his world dissolving around him, can Hal survive?