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For Love or Money

31 Jul , 2016 | Posted by:

For Love or Money

"For Love or Money" is a dark comedy about a vain woman who makes a deal with the devil. But does she know what she's really bargaining away?

(2015) Directed by Patrick Jerome

Lexi, a vain and formerly wealthy woman, is having trouble adjusting to her new life circumstances. After yet another fight with her husband, she takes her dog Sparkles to the park where she meets a stranger who offers her a bargain that will solve all of her problems. Of course, when dealing with dark forces, you rarely get what you bargain for, and the consequences of Lexi’s deal are tragic or perfect depending on your perspective.

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The Small ‘Gray’ Book

28 Jun , 2015 | Posted by:

A young woman inherits a book of 'gray' magic from a recently deceased aunt.

(2014) Directed by Christopher Flynn

A young woman inherits a mysterious book from a recently deceased relative. Little does she know that the book deals with something known as 'gray' magic.

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The Nature of the Flame

17 Jun , 2015 | Posted by:

the beauty of dreaming

(2014) Directed by Mike Messier

The Nature of the Flame burns softy as two young dreamers cross lives and paths in a supernatural landscape. This existential journey was filmed in The Providence Zen Center, the historic Newport Cliff Walk and the natural environments of Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Lindsey Elisabeth Cork and Jocelyn Padilla star as a wandering spirit and her ethereal mentor-sage. Writer/Director Mike Messier and DP/Editor Chris Hunter co-produced the The Nature of the Flame as the debut by Rhode Island South Filmmakers Group.

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Vasariah: Children of the Sun

2 Jun , 2015 | Posted by:

Official video for "Children of the Sun" by Vasariah (a cover of a Dead Can Dance song). It tells a story of the life, death, and rebirth of the sun a

(2013) Directed by Josh Kastorf

Official video for "Children of the Sun" by Vasariah (a cover of a Dead Can Dance song). It tells a story of the life, death, and rebirth of the sun as an allegory for human evolution.

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How to Make a Nightmare

11 Mar , 2013 | Posted by:

(2012) Directed by Noah Aust

Where do nightmares come from? In 'How to Make a Nightmare' they're cooked up in strange, underground laboratories. Making nightmares is an ugly job, and when a nightmare chemist falls in love with his victim things begin to spiral out of control.

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31 May , 2012 | Posted by:

(2011) Directed by Ahura Z. Diliiza

(currently in production.. Release date TBA) Falcyyr is the story of four women chosen by the Fates at the request of Odin (the Great All-Father of the nordic gods) to be trained, empowered and transformed into legendary beings known as Valkyrie. These four women are chosen from different time periods and backgrounds as the gods are not limited by time and space. Each of them plucked moments before the time of their demise and given a choice to serve Asgard and therefore the word of Earth, or be placed back within the grasp of oblivion. Once transformed they will save the earth from an aggressive alien race that views aumanity as a source of food.

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Journal of the Black Atlantic

24 Mar , 2012 | Posted by:

(2011) Directed by Amanda Masterson

Journal of the Black Atlantic is a short film being produced in association with Zandrak Productions, and Emerson College's Warlord Productions. It is being shot on a Red Epic camera on location in Quincy, MA on an actual battleship, the USS Salem, that is from the same time period in which the movie will take place (1940s/50s). A combination of Emerson students, along with filmmakers and actors from the Boston area, will be collaborating to make this film a success. Since this is a period piece, and most of the film takes place in the flashback, we need to do extensive costume design work to make this film as realistic as possible. Not only do we need to recreate Marine uniforms, but we have to recreate Marine uniforms from the 1940s/50s. Materials for this can get quite expensive, so we need help raising that money. We also have the amazing opportunity to shoot aboard an actual battleship. However, this also comes at a price. With your help, we can make this film one of the most realistic and professional products to come out of Emerson College. Thank you!

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The Quarter-Life Crisis

3 Jun , 2009 | Posted by:

(2007) Directed by Philip M. Magcalas

Sarah is a young woman with a good job, high-end clients, and a sterling work ethic, making her way in the corporate world. But, on the occasion of her 25th birthday, her life takes an unexpected turn. Confronted with a suddenly apparent crisis of identity, Sarah finds she has less control over her own fate, than she had planned. And hopefully, with the help of her friends and family, she can avoid a potentially imminent meltdown. An appeal to the inconsistencies we all feel, when our lives don't go quite the way we expected, 'The Quarter-Life Crisis' is an unconventional and ultimately very relatable comedy, from a bunch of people who never learned to make movies, but did so, regardless.

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The Pumpkin Man

16 May , 2008 | Posted by:

(2001) Directed by Andy Davis and Scott Morabito

A reclusive pumpkin farmer is invaded by two teenage boys who meet thier demise at the hands of the farmer's alter ego.

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The Doctor

11 May , 2005 | Posted by:

(2005) Directed by Thomas Nöla

A deranged child psychologist sorts out his thoughts on nature and death while being haunted by a semi-mute ghost of a child, a griffin in pinstripes, blackface Nazis and fascist freemasons.