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Doritos ‘Crash the Super Bowl’ Commercial – ‘You Are What You Eat’

16 Nov , 2010 | Posted by:

(2010) Directed by Andrew Zenn, Assistant Director: Keli Gagen

No description.

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Bird Talk

1 Sep , 2010 | Posted by:

Bird Talk
(2010) Directed by Richard Griffin

A fantastically dysfunctional flight into the life of a failed real estate agent turned self-proclaimed bird expert and radio personality under the call name 'Twitcher'. Despite delusions of grandeur, his show's callers want more advice than avians, and the results are tragicomical.

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I Just Want to Eat My Sandwich

13 Aug , 2009 | Posted by:

(2007) Directed by Julia Radochia

Susan, a busy QA tester, tries to eat lunch at her desk but keeps getting interrupted by her pesky co-workers. What's a gal to do when she can't get a bite in edgewise?

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The Quarter-Life Crisis

3 Jun , 2009 | Posted by:

(2007) Directed by Philip M. Magcalas

Sarah is a young woman with a good job, high-end clients, and a sterling work ethic, making her way in the corporate world. But, on the occasion of her 25th birthday, her life takes an unexpected turn.

Confronted with a suddenly apparent crisis of identity, Sarah finds she has less control over her own fate, than she had planned. And hopefully, with the help of her friends and family, she can avoid a potentially imminent meltdown.

An appeal to the inconsistencies we all feel, when our lives don't go quite the way we expected, 'The Quarter-Life Crisis' is an unconventional and ultimately very relatable comedy, from a bunch of people who never learned to make movies, but did so, regardless.

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The Disenchanted Lover

12 Apr , 2009 | Posted by:

(1998) Directed by Patrick Martens

Our Jilted Lover tries fruitlessly to commit suicide in this ironic dark comedy.

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7 Apr , 2009 | Posted by:

(2009) Directed by M.E. Osborne

Shanked is a raucous satire of modern American life. Seven clueless twenty something's are lured to a reality show whose sadistic producer torments them for their entire stay.

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26 Jan , 2009 | Posted by:

(2009) Directed by Jill Poisson

After being bit by a Vampire during a one night stand, Annie and her friend Gina are forced to survive in a world of Vampires, Witches, Demons... And the occasional Ax Murderer.

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Dysfunctional Book Club

14 Dec , 2008 | Posted by:

Dysfunctional Book Club
(2008) Directed by Richard Griffin

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This Town

18 May , 2008 | Posted by:

(2001) Directed by Chris Engles

Shoes, guns, guitars...and love.

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Bedford Springs

15 May , 2008 | Posted by:

(2002) Directed by Marc Berlin, Assistant Director: Neil Kinsella

Guy, a twentysomething far too intelligent for the small town he lives in challenges his friends to do something with their lives...and crime isn't out of the question!