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7 Jun , 2000 | Posted by:

(2000) Directed by Dennis Lanson

When nine travelers are thrown together in a godforsaken food and fuel stop, a fatal case of mistaken identity results.

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Real Things

22 Mar , 2000 | Posted by:

(2000) Directed by Joshua Hale Fialkov

When Sebastian finds out that his two best friends, Paul and Michelle are getting married, he finally starts to crack. His confused feelings for both Michelle and his future, start to impact on him. After a drunken nervous break down, Sebastian sets off on a psychotic journey including a foray with the inventor of Velcro, a foul mouthed mythical creature, a mob of ex-grilfriends, and his roommates imaginary best friend. By far, the best Surrealist Romantic Comedy by a hairy, over-weight jew from Pittsburgh this year so far.

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29 Aug , 1999 | Posted by:

(2011) Directed by Tomas Elefsiades

A 15 minute synthetic combat adventure

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10 Jun , 1999 | Posted by:

(1999) Directed by Peter Bohush

An elderly widower (Willie McKee) and his buddy Vic drive from Boston to the suburban town Willie left 60 years ago in search of Willie's long-lost love. These old geezers haven't left Boston since the end of World War II, and team up to find Willie's true love, toll change, coffee and someplace to pee. As Willie puts it, they may be old, but they still feel. They still love. A funny, touching story told with flashbacks to 1939 and two memorable characters in Willie and Vic.

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9 Apr , 1999 | Posted by:

(2001) Directed by Paul Anderson

Dad with bad attitude sees his last day when family involed in witchcraft gives him his dues.

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Outside Providence

31 Jan , 1999 | Posted by:

(1999) Directed by Michael Corrente

A boy leaves his simple home to attend an exclusive prep school.

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The Wait

25 May , 1998 | Posted by:


Mackie Spencer and Carmichael Jones are in purgatory awaiting judgement in this outrageous black comedy. Nothing is what it seems in the waiting room of heaven (or hell) as Mackie and Carmichael debate their lives, the Holocaust and friendship - while also trying to steal a glimpse into God's bedroom. What happens in the end? Is Carmichael bound to Hell due to a lifetime of drinking and cavorting with the wrong people? Can Mackie save him, or is he to doomed to the firey pits?

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Tax Day

1 Nov , 1997 | Posted by:

(1997) Directed by Laura Colella

Two young women on their way to the Post Office on Tax Day embark on an exploration of a variety of landscapes and lifestyles.