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The Ultimate Walking Dead Fan

29 Nov , 2013 | Posted by:

(2013) Directed by Trevor Clark Thalin

AMC/Dr. Pepper One of a Kind Fan Contest - The Ultimate Walking Dead Fan is story of a young man who is convinced he's Rick from the Walking Dead. He drags his friends through his imaginary journey as they race to make it in time for the Walking Dead Show.

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Valentines Day

29 Nov , 2013 | Posted by:

(2013) Directed by Trevor Clark Thalin

Max, Lamar, and Trevor look for Valentines Day dates.

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My Roommate Gary

27 Nov , 2013 | Posted by:

My Roommate Gary
(2012) Directed by Trevor Clark Thalin

Steve talks with college buddy Brian about his wild roommate Gary. They both relive experience they had with Gary. Everything from him eating Steve's food to him being the life of the party with Brian. Steve finally has the courage to kick Gary out of the room. One thing. Gary is a pineapple. How will he survive in the real world.'


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Treasure Trash

13 Feb , 2013 | Posted by:

(2012) Directed by Cara Fano

A sleazy garbage salesman, SAL (20's), tries to sell a small cat statue to MIDGE (60's), a cat lady, who innocently tries to buy all of the garbage he is selling, except she claims to have no money to pay for it.

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Yellow Lights

2 Dec , 2012 | Posted by:

(2007) Directed by Kevin Tostado & Tom Kochem

Brian (Bennett Chabot) is a smart, athletic student going to school near Boston. Ever since he was dumped by his old girlfriend, he just hasn't been able to move on. When Brian meets Alex (Aja Munsell), a Wellesley student, he immediately becomes attached, but he's terrified of being hurt again. Meanwhile, his friend Chris (Andrew Tsang), tired of being in a relationship where he isnt appreciated, begins to pursue another option - June (Amanda Hurley), another close friend of Brian. Disapproving of their actions, Brian meddles, and his friendships are seriously jeopardized.

In order to have any kind of meaningful relationship with Alex and maintain his friendships, Brian must overcome his painful past and his need to be in control. Written, produced, directed, and edited by first-time filmmakers Kevin Tostado and Tom Kochem in their senior year of college, Yellow Lights is a story about enjoying things for what they are, taking risks, and going for it.

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Transsexuals from Space

22 Feb , 2012 | Posted by:

(2011) Directed by Brina

Transsexuals troublemakers from planet Transmotivia are traveling through space; being pushy, prissy and pugnacious to everyone they meet. When they reach Eurth, they get more than they bargained for from the hormonally-driver Eurth dwellers

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Do Not Call

13 Nov , 2011 | Posted by:

Do Not Call
(2010) Directed by Tim Mattson

After being verbally abused by a prospective customer, a down-on-his luck telemarketer takes matters into his own hands and visits the man at home to teach him some much-needed manners.

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12 Jul , 2011 | Posted by:

(2011) Directed by Arthur Luhn

Conned is the story of a crumbling Boston Underworld that is being run aground by the eccentric and dysfunctional criminals deemed unworthy of being jailed. There is one last big prize remaining, the biggest horse race that everyone knows is being fixed and they are desperate to cash in on it for one last grab at fabulous wealth, not knowing they are being conned, in a nasty twist of fate.

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The Upside of Disappointment

1 Feb , 2011 | Posted by:

(2011) Directed by Matt Miller

The Upside of Disappointment- This is TV show I'm trying to make for The Raynham Channel. It is the local access channel in Raynham, MA.

It is about three guys that live together in one house (Dim, Shear, Telco). They all finished High School, but didn't move onto college. They are getting by, by doing whatever jobs they can. They have friends (Tiffany and Susie G) and an imaginary friend (Dr. Nreal). The episodes follow their lives, but centers around Dim. Dim loves Susie G and this is a common conflict in the episodes because she doesn' feel the same way.

The Script will be available upon interest

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Revenge Fantasy, Inc.

23 Nov , 2010 | Posted by:


Three miscreants kidnap a banker and force him to apologize to foreclosure victims.