Sherwin and The Scout

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A recluse, trapped in his own world, learns how to live again when an energetic Owl Scout shows up on his doorstep.

Film Details

Director: Lucien Flores

Writer: Lucien Flores & Michela M. Smith

Year of Release: 2013

Running Time: 10

New England Connection: Everyone in the cast and crew has a New England connection. Lucien Flores, Michela M. Smith, Bryan Sih, Nick Monteleone all were juniors at Boston University when the film was being made. Chad Gray was a grad student at Boston University and Bill Politis is a graduate.

Production Assistants Max Belin, Yahna Harris, Kyle Huemme, Josh Stadtner, and Kent Van Kuller were also juniors at Boston University while the film was being made. Executive Producer Spencer Wardwell also attended Boston University.

Actors Patrick Fahey, Jordan Cassel, Christian Goodwin, Alexander Shih, and Ben Manoli are all local to New England and have acted in multiple New England films.

Director(s) Bio:: Lucien Flores is a freelance filmmaker who directs, writes, and edits short films, music videos, sketches, commercials, and more.
He's a graduate of Boston University's film school where he was the Production Director of Boston University’s AdLab and a writer of a New England College Emmy-winning episode of BUtv's "Welcome Back."
His most recent project took him to Beijing where he directed a documentary about ice hockey. Before that, he won Best Director at the 2014 48 Hour Film Festival in New York City for Plutoed.
Outside of film, Lucien writes about arts/entertainment, shoots concerts, and interviews artists. He was Music Editor of Boston University's The Daily Free Press, a DJ on WTBU, and contributor to multiple online journals.
He's a native New Yorker and has worked for Red Hour Films, Groundswell Productions, Olympus Pictures, Viacom, Angel TV, Nick Davis Productions, Post Hoc Management, and Vector Management.

Number of shooting days: 3

Camera Used: Canon 7D

Editing software: Avid Media Composer

Financed by: Self-financed