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Assassin Behind The Glass

5 May , 2016 | Posted by:

Assassin Behind The Glass forces one to question whether snitching is a virtue or simply a death sentence

(2017) Directed by Patrick Jerome

In the underbelly of today's society lurks a very dark subculture. Heinous murders, assassinations, and cold-blooded killings run a mock and go unpunished due to a code of silence funded solely by widespread fear and terror. One brave young woman Talia, dares to walk through the shadow of the valley od death by defying this strict street code. Her risky decision may turn out to be lethal. In a world disguised by lies and false images, trusting old friends suddenly become deadly adversaries, and a long time friend becomes a vital ally.

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Hello Joe

29 Jan , 2016 | Posted by:

A disappearing actress causes her young filmmaker to spiral into reverie and madness.

(2016) Directed by Wallace Wan

Hello Joe is about a young filmmaker, Joe, who can’t finish his movie, THE BLOOD OF INNOCENTS. His girlfriend and lead actress, Louise, recently left both him and the production. Joe is devastated. He watches footage of Louise over and over in the editing room; he hangs around his now empty apartment, projecting her image onto the walls to keep himself company. In an attempt to recast Louise's role, Joe begins riding the T for days on end, shooting discreetly the women he sees in public. He imagines what his life could be like with any one of them, but the thought of consummating any of these fantasies constitutes a step he is somehow unable to take.

Simultaneously, a young woman named Jean works as a drug runner for some small-time gangsters, delivering packages in the linings of her extravagant clothing. She also takes the T to work, traveling mindlessly from location to location, meeting people she doesn't know and will never see again. As she tires of her day job, she launches dangerously into her own dreams of making movies, and in them: frustrated directors, disappearing actresses, the blood of innocents the city over...

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Brute Sanity

14 Nov , 2015 | Posted by:

Brute Sanity

An FBI-trained neuropsychologist searches for a reality-altering device.

(2016) Directed by Sam Vanivray

An FBI-trained neuropsychologist searches for a reality-altering device while her insane ex-boss unleashes bizarre traps to stop her.

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Stollen Innocence

5 Sep , 2015 | Posted by:

Educational Film on Human Trafficking


Short film which depicts an 13-year-old suburban white girl who trusts the wrong person, makes a critical error and ends up sold into sex slavery. Although she will eventually be rescued, the physical and emotional damage will already have been done.

Currently, we are in need of your help. We are seeking sponsors to help us raise funds. All of our actors and crew will be donating their time and talent to this project. Even with volunteers, a film is not an inexpensive project. We need the help of people like you who care what happens to our young people. With Sponsors, Nivasa can produce a higher quality film that can then be given to more schools around the country.

Please check the link to make a generous donation to our campaign and help us bring this film to life.

I sincerely thank you in advance for any help that you can give us. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Beatrice Fernando
Nivasa Foundation

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2 Sep , 2015 | Posted by:

A teen girls discovers vampires live in her town when one of them offer her a cure to her disease.

A girl is dying from a terminal disease. She likes a boy who hangs around a girl who has beaten has seemed to beaten the disease. They approach herewith an unconventional cure. While she's contemplating the offer, the bad evil vampire targets her for death. The only way to defeat the wrath of the evil vampire and survive is to accept the good vampires method of cure.

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The Overseer

25 Jun , 2015 | Posted by:

A sociopath discovers catharsis through murder as he is running for public office.

(2016) Directed by J. Mark Inman

When a sociopath with political ambitions is promoted to project overseer at his work and is given extra time off, he sets out to vent his psychological frustrations by stalking and murdering others, only to discover that the homeless girl he's been psychologically tormenting has caught him in the act of killing. Now in order to win the election, he must silence her in order to protect himself from her accusations.

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This is How it Starts

13 Apr , 2015 | Posted by:


The story of five teenagers, how they meet, and they highs and lows of their summer.

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25 Feb , 2015 | Posted by:

(2014) Directed by David Foley

An off-beat brainy high school boy notices a young kid by himself at the playground. He takes it upon himself to see if the kid has someone looking after him. WHen he realizes he is along, he befriends him. By playing a game of basketball- which they are both bad at, they are able to discover more about each other and themselves. They find in each other a bond between misfits.

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World’s End

4 May , 2014 | Posted by:


It is the end of the world due to a plague and humanities only chance of survival is in the blood of a little girl.

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Lucky Jack

24 Apr , 2014 | Posted by:


Lucky Jack is spoof of classic films such as kickboxer, rocky 4, blood sport, and lion heart. The film is about Jack trying to get some pay back from the man who paralyzed his brother. This is a non paid film but food and beverages will be provided. Will provide copy of dvd and will online to show case the film. Couple characters to be filled will give more details about characters by email.