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Memento Mortis

8 Feb , 2016 | Posted by:

People are just dying to work with us

(2015) Directed by Adam Chandonnet

Shay uses dead bodies as props in her erotic photography. Everything was going well until she fell in love with Mason, who soon discovers her morbid secret and helps bring her photos to an even deadlier level of excitement.

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Sins Of Man

17 Jan , 2016 | Posted by:

What's YOUR Sin ?

(2015) Directed by Jamie Santamore

A young girl struggling with the events of her past is rocked when a serial killer strikes her small Maine town . It sends her into a tailspin she may never recover from ... If she survives .

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Memento Mortis

28 Dec , 2015 | Posted by:

People are dying to work with us

(2015) Directed by Adam Chandonnet

A photographer uses dead bodies as props in her erotic photos. Everything was going so well... until she fell in love.

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2 Sep , 2015 | Posted by:

A teen girls discovers vampires live in her town when one of them offer her a cure to her disease.

A girl is dying from a terminal disease. She likes a boy who hangs around a girl who has beaten has seemed to beaten the disease. They approach herewith an unconventional cure. While she's contemplating the offer, the bad evil vampire targets her for death. The only way to defeat the wrath of the evil vampire and survive is to accept the good vampires method of cure.

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Captain Hook

21 Jul , 2015 | Posted by:

An Urban Legend comes to Gorham, Maine

(2015) Directed by Beverly Youngberg

An unsuspecting young country couple get the visit of a lifetime...once.

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Til Death

28 Oct , 2014 | Posted by:

(2014) Directed by Sam Kench

Mrs. Crowley plans to murder her husband and hide out in an abandoned building, but her dangerous mental state continues to deteriorate.

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15 Jul , 2013 | Posted by:

(2012) Directed by Kevin MacDonald

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Little Red Riding Hood

18 Apr , 2011 | Posted by:

(2009) Directed by J.L. Carrozza

A satirized version of the iconic fairy tale retold with more than a few 'twists'. Little Red Riding Hood is sent out on an errand to bring her ailing Grandmother some nourishment. On the way, she crosses paths with The Wolf (David Luce), a deranged sadistic psychopath who immediately begins to make trouble for her in a big way. Can she find the inner woman inside her to vanquish this beast?

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Back to the Beyond

27 Feb , 2011 | Posted by:

Back to the Beyond
(2011) Directed by Kevin DiBacco

When a paranormal research team investigates a haunting dramatized on a classic television series, they encounter a sinister supernatural force thought to be fictional.

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26 Jan , 2009 | Posted by:

(2009) Directed by Jill Poisson

After being bit by a Vampire during a one night stand, Annie and her friend Gina are forced to survive in a world of Vampires, Witches, Demons... And the occasional Ax Murderer.