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V.A.m.L. (2009)

26 Jan , 2009   Posted by:

After being bit by a Vampire during a one night stand, Annie and her friend Gina are forced to survive in a world of Vampires, Witches, Demons... And the occasional Ax Murderer.

Director: Jill Poisson

Writer: TJ Poisson

Cast: Crystal Souza: Annie, Somaly Oum: Lynn, Najwa Rosdi: Gina, Brian Lopes: Seth, Amy W. Thompson: Imp, Aaron Poisson: David Mends, Shanette Wilson: Maxi Hayter, Chad Schlip: Dirk Schnakenpfefferhausen, Michael Reed: Xander, Sarah Nicklin: Robin, Steve Curria: Joe, Erin Olson: Kendal, Will Hunter: Jake with William Samuel Guffy as Ibe.

Production Company: Eyeris Productions

Producer: Aaron Poisson and Jill Poisson

Director of Photography: Jill Poisson

Filming Locations: Bristol RI, Warren RI and Newport RI

For more information: http://www.myspace.com/vamlmovie