New England

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The Right Direction

13 Jan , 2015 | Posted by:

(2014) Directed by Andrew Frechette

Berny, a budding director, reads a bad review and falls into a funk. Attempting to cheer him up, Rachel utilizes her womanly ways.

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The Trespasser

3 Mar , 2014 | Posted by:

(2014) Directed by Jeffrey Buchbinder

No description.

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You’ve Been Invited

3 Mar , 2014 | Posted by:

(2014) Directed by Jeffrey Buchbinder

No description.

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Covered Bridges of New England

6 Jan , 2013 | Posted by:


Discover New Englands covered bridges past and present and meet those who visit, preserve and build them.

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Under the Boardwalk: The MONOPOLY Story

2 Dec , 2012 | Posted by:

A documentary about anything and everything Monopoly.

(2011) Directed by Kevin Tostado

Shows how the classic board game has become a worldwide cultural phenomenon, and follows the colorful players who come together to compete for the coveted title of Monopoly World Champion.

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9 Sep , 2012 | Posted by:

(2012) Directed by Steven Briggs

A mysterious young blond must confront her past in order to reach an uncertain future.

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13 Apr , 2012 | Posted by:

(2011) Directed by Andrew Zenn

A woman facing loss struggles to accept reality.

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Pushing Buttons

3 Apr , 2012 | Posted by:

(2011) Directed by Gilad Haas

The film is centered on (and is narrated by) an elevator attendant of an upscale, urban condominium. The attendant is an older male, humorous, and judging by his clothing and accessories, wealthy. The film follows him throughout his day and records the comical exchanges between him and the building's residents, and their responses to his 'words of wisdom.'

Looking For:
- Adult Male between the ages of 30-60.
- Elderly (50-80) Female
- Elderly (50-80) Male
- Adult Male 30-40
- Young Kid (8-13)

This is an unpaid gig, however, I will provide food and pay for transportation. Additionally, I would be happy to provide you with a final copy for personal use/portfolios.

Thanks so much, looking forward to hearing from you guys!
Here is a link to an unfinished trailer of mine for consideration:

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Scooter McGruder

15 Mar , 2011 | Posted by:

(2011) Directed by Tiffany McLean and Jeff Sullivan

Scott McGruder wakes up one day and decides that living with his Aunt and best friend at age 40 is getting pretty old. He decides to grow up and move on. Can he find the perfect job and the perfect girl? Not if his neighborhood has anything to say about it...

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14 Mar , 2011 | Posted by:

(2011) Directed by Brett Leigh & Michael West

A small office staff attempts the artistically courageous act by organizing their first annual film festival.