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Memento Mortis

8 Feb , 2016 | Posted by:

People are just dying to work with us

(2015) Directed by Adam Chandonnet

Shay uses dead bodies as props in her erotic photography. Everything was going well until she fell in love with Mason, who soon discovers her morbid secret and helps bring her photos to an even deadlier level of excitement.

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Charlie & Poppy

20 Jan , 2016 | Posted by:

Charlie & Poppy

Faced with the loss of his beloved grandfather, a young man sits at a train station platform, where he replays 20 years of childhood memories, despera

(2015) Directed by Jennifer Potts

Four-year old Charlie and his grandfather, Poppy, arrive at a train station platform—one bouncing with great energy, the other providing a steady hand. Hearing the train approaching, they reach in their pockets for their whistles. Charlie laughs at Poppy’s puffed-cheek whistle blowing as the train pulls into the station for passengers to disembark and step aboard.

Over the span of 20 years, as Charlie grows and Poppy ages, they change this cherished ritual to embrace both the excitement and limitations each stage of life brings. Charlie struggles to keep the magic alive by providing the entertainment when his beloved, aging Poppy no longer has the strength.

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19 Jan , 2016 | Posted by:

film noir of gritty Boston

(2016) Directed by Claudio Jimenez

Inspire by true events of gritty Boston, In this film noir the mood is set by Betty who has calculated a plan for her husband' s fate.

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Stollen Innocence

5 Sep , 2015 | Posted by:

Educational Film on Human Trafficking


Short film which depicts an 13-year-old suburban white girl who trusts the wrong person, makes a critical error and ends up sold into sex slavery. Although she will eventually be rescued, the physical and emotional damage will already have been done.

Currently, we are in need of your help. We are seeking sponsors to help us raise funds. All of our actors and crew will be donating their time and talent to this project. Even with volunteers, a film is not an inexpensive project. We need the help of people like you who care what happens to our young people. With Sponsors, Nivasa can produce a higher quality film that can then be given to more schools around the country.

Please check the link to make a generous donation to our campaign and help us bring this film to life.

I sincerely thank you in advance for any help that you can give us. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Beatrice Fernando
Nivasa Foundation

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2 Sep , 2015 | Posted by:

A teen girls discovers vampires live in her town when one of them offer her a cure to her disease.

A girl is dying from a terminal disease. She likes a boy who hangs around a girl who has beaten has seemed to beaten the disease. They approach herewith an unconventional cure. While she's contemplating the offer, the bad evil vampire targets her for death. The only way to defeat the wrath of the evil vampire and survive is to accept the good vampires method of cure.

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America’s Forgotten Heroine: Ida Lewis, Keeper of the Light

20 Aug , 2015 | Posted by:

Historical documentary that focuses on the intriguing life story of this country’s most famous maritime heroine.

(2014) Directed by Marian Gagnon

Intimate portrayal of Ida’s life from age 15 to 69 (from 1857 to 1911) and the passion and moral fiber she intrinsically brought to her work as a lighthouse keeper and unlikely heroine. It also explores the myriad decisions which led to a life of both fame and isolation, Ida’s unexpected celebrity in Newport as well as across the U.S., and the impact she inadvertently had on the early women’s rights movement.

As John Williams Haley, author of The Rhode Island Historian wrote in 1939: "...of all the Rhode Island women who have achieved fame in one way or another...and there have been many...none attained the world renown of a modest little woman who was born and lived most of her life in Newport. In fact, it would hardly be exaggeration to say that she was more famous, particularly during the latter half of her life, than any American woman of the past or present."

While this statement may very well stand today, Ida’s story has largely been forgotten. Gagnon’s goal with this film is to renew the “national memory” of Ida Lewis as an American heroine not only in her hometown of Newport and throughout R.I., but across the United States.

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Last Hours in Suburbia

19 Jun , 2015 | Posted by:

Last Hours in Suburbia
(2012) Directed by John Stimpson

When Grace is accused of playing a role in a deadly accident, her best friend reaches out from beyond the grave to unveil the truth behind what happened.

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Chaos & Order:Making American Theater

5 Jun , 2015 | Posted by:

The film explores the organizational and creative challenges facing today's theate

(2005) Directed by Tim Jackson

Through the prism of the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge Massachusetts, the film explores the organizational and creative challenges facing today's theater and describes the flexibility and resilience arts groups must have to survive in today's cultural climate.
Two time Tony Award-winning actress Cherry Jones narrates

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Dark Roast

2 Jun , 2015 | Posted by:

A reaper looking for love in the mortal realm is disapointed to find that Shaun is like every other man, dead or alive.

(2014) Directed by Pete Yagmin

A supernatural horror-comedy about a Reaper seeking love in the mortal realm who's disappointed to find Shaun is just like every other man she's ever encountered

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25 Feb , 2015 | Posted by:

(2014) Directed by David Foley

An off-beat brainy high school boy notices a young kid by himself at the playground. He takes it upon himself to see if the kid has someone looking after him. WHen he realizes he is along, he befriends him. By playing a game of basketball- which they are both bad at, they are able to discover more about each other and themselves. They find in each other a bond between misfits.