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28 Jul , 2000 | Posted by:

(2000) Directed by C.C. Chapman

Krieger (played by Steve Sherrick) is a devoted man to his faith. But, on the eve of the new millenium evil walks the earth and it is up to him to discover who this 'necrophin' is and stop them before they wreak their havok on mankind.

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Into The Eye Of The Storm

28 Jul , 2000 | Posted by:

(1996) Directed by Brad Jacques

When an old friend is brutally murdered, a case of mistaken identity pushes Diane Calson and her unlikely accomplice Michael Taylor, into a dangerous web of drug money, pornography, and high stakes prostitution. Before long, Diane and Michael are caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse, taking them on a rocket ride through the lurid underbelly of Los Angeles after dark. The suspense threatens to boil over as Diane and Michael fight to outmaneuver the killers and bring them to justice in a lethal game where no one takes prisoners and very few come out alive.

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(2000) Directed by Michael and George Baluzy

Jimmy and Luther are a couple of con-men who have hit rock-bottom. In a desperate move to get some quick cake, they hatch a plan to blackmail a doctor in order to pay off their antsy loan shark. What they're not counting on however, is for the good doctor to be more of a bear than their loan shark. It's all buildup until the fiery showdown between our two heroes, cops, the loan shark and a doctor that is loco in his coco.

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Le Femme Repertoire aka Solidarite des Femmes

24 Aug , 1999 | Posted by:


Female assassins are hired by a foreign government council to find and capture a quantum-nuclear engineer wanted for mass-murder, who is working for the U.S government, and living in Brookline.

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Blue Vision aka In Dreams

13 Jul , 1998 | Posted by:

(1999) Directed by Neil Jordan

Annette Benning stars as a woman who shares dreams with a serial killer.