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The Kingsmen’s Redeemer

5 Jun , 2011 | Posted by:


Death Row was Just the Beginning.

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Anatomy of a Ghost

15 May , 2008 | Posted by:

(2004) Directed by Pat Monahan

Coming of age story about a boy out of high school who has everything possible going wrong for him. His friend comes back after missing for over a year and tries to help him get his life back together, get him into a school, and find the girl he's been in love with for 4 years before she leaves for her overseas study program.

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Into the Black

2 Feb , 2006 | Posted by:

(2004) Directed by Marc Powers

Neil Murphy (Paul Sacks) returns to his hometown, after an eight year absence, to attend the wake of his best friend Danny Sherman (Zach Nightingale). However Neil doesn't quite receive such a warm welcome on his return as he is led to believe his friend was murdered. With the help of Danny's sister Lisa (Sheila Guzman) and her friend Roger (Tim Gato) Neil may soon uncover the mystery surrounding his friend's death. But as the answers unfold before him will he be ready to deal with the events of their past? Or will he just wish it stayed buried?

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The Basement

31 Mar , 2005 | Posted by:

(2004) Directed by Joel Nawskon

A fighter is locked in the basement of a maniac, and his best friend has to save him.

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Dark Harbor

19 Jan , 2004 | Posted by:

(1999) Directed by Adam Coleman Howard

Racing to catch the last ferry to an island getaway, a middle aged couple recognizes an injured body on the side of the road. The couple, missing the ferry, stops to help the boy who refuses police involvement thus beginning an intense plot of hidden desires and suspicious activities.

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23 May , 2002 | Posted by:

(2002) Directed by Andrew Wellington

A man enters into his subconscious and must combat his ID and super ego, in a struggle for complete mental dominance.

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The Face of the Serpent

16 May , 2002 | Posted by:

(2002) Directed by David Craig

The Face of the Serpent is an action-thriller with strong political undertones of local government corruption. The film focuses on a morally conscious assassin called Quinn. His next target is a Russian immigrant named Tasha, whom Quinn is misled into believing is a drug courier. During Quinn's surveillance of Tasha, planning for the perfect moment to make his kill, he becomes infatuated with her beauty and pure innocence. Ultimately, Quinn rescues Tasha from the hands of another assassin and takes her into his protection. The two join forces to find out who wants her dead and why. In the process, Quinn discovers secrets from his past and battles with the inner demons that made him the man he is today.

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Veil of Blood

21 May , 2001 | Posted by:

(2001) Directed by Tim Dennis

A small town detective investigates a series of Mob killings that may be linked to the Jewish myth the Golem.

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Cry For Me

20 Apr , 2001 | Posted by:

(2000) Directed by Richard Frost

Cry for Me' explores a young man's battle with depression and its affect on his personal relationships. His depression manifests into a human-like form, instigating a powerful life or death struggle.

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28 Jul , 2000 | Posted by:

(2000) Directed by Michael and George Baluzy

Jimmy and Luther are a couple of con-men who have hit rock-bottom. In a desperate move to get some quick cake, they hatch a plan to blackmail a doctor in order to pay off their antsy loan shark. What they're not counting on however, is for the good doctor to be more of a bear than their loan shark. It's all buildup until the fiery showdown between our two heroes, cops, the loan shark and a doctor that is loco in his coco.