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Make Your Film a Virtual Success

31 May , 2009 | Written by April Gardner | Posted by:

April Gardner reports on six of the the latest online tactics local filmmakers are using to attract money and audiences to their indie projects.


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Learning From the Masters

1 Aug , 2008 | Written by Scott R. Caseley | Posted by:

Kane-Lewis Productions reveals both the unique and universal elements of the artist’s journey through the Maine Masters series; the story of Stephen Pace premieres this month.


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Delivering Video on the Web

1 Apr , 2007 | Written by David Tames | Posted by:

In a series of articles to appear over the next few months, filmmaker and media technologist David Tamés begins to unravel web media distribution and viewing for those of us who need a translator.


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Joppa Restored

1 Jan , 2007 | Written by Erin Trahan | Posted by:

This month homegrown web comedy Joppa returns from hiatus (and a spin-off) with the launch of season four and an ever-growing fan base.


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Blogging: The Arteries of Information

1 Jan , 2007 | Written by Scott R. Caseley | Posted by:

Nashua, New Hampshire native and first-time filmmaker Jason Ong gives his views and perspective on information-spreading through blogging in his film, Citizen Journalism: Pamphlets to Blog debuting this month at the Free Speech Shorts Video Festival at Cambridge Community Television.


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Mini-Movies, Wide Web

1 Dec , 2006 | Written by Nikki Chase | Posted by:

Steve Garfield and Ravi Jain, speakers at the Making Mini-Movies seminar sponsored by the Filmmakers Workshop, talk about how video weblogs are changing the way people see film.


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How to Promote Your Film Online

1 Apr , 2006 | Written by Michele Meek | Posted by: Publisher Michele Meek offers some advice on how to create a winning website for your film, as well as what not to do.


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Filmmakers with an Edge

1 Oct , 2005 | Written by Andrea Maxwell | Posted by:

Maine Filmmaker Doug Gordon features Maine filmmakers with an edge in the launch of  Part of the Dream to Screen series.


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Home is Where the Art Is

1 Apr , 2002 | Written by Lucy Lincoln Morrison | Posted by:

Imagining his life as a sitcom, Boston artist Ravi Jain launches the Internet series ''


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On Top of the World: The Global Entertainment and Media Summit

1 Mar , 2002 | Written by Lisa Frenchik | Posted by:

Independent filmmakers and musicians gather to learn how to use the Web and beat the system.