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Old Man Dogs

23 Mar , 1999 | Posted by:

(1997) Directed by Bill Millios

An atmospheric tale about the spirits of the dead trapped by the feelings of the living.

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North End

31 Jan , 1999 | Posted by:

(1999) Directed by Frank Ciota

Outsiders' Freddie and Mac enter into the tight-knit North End and fall in love with the same woman.

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Monument Ave

31 Jan , 1999 | Posted by:

(1998) Directed by Ted Demme

Bobby O'Grady is a low range member of Boston Irish gang run by Jackie O'Hara. Jackie demands absolute, total loyalty for him. When Jackie kills one of Bobby's buddies, Teddy, Bobby and others have to keep it an absolute secret, even from their and Teddy's relatives.

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The Chester Story

21 Dec , 1998 | Posted by:

(2001) Directed by Rebecca Anne Bagley

One night in a small, New England town, fate brings together three lives: an entertainment lawyer returning home to his dying mother after years in escape of his past, a woman trying to reclaim her supposed love, and a boy with a penchant for the sixth sense who struggles with the death of his father and overbearing love of his single mother. When the past and future suddenly bind these people together on a journey of need, forgiveness and discovery, they realize they've gained something when they least expected it- love. Behind the Scenes: Pre-Pro begins in NC Jan. 9th, 2001, production begins Feb. 19th, 2001.

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Last Night in Boston

18 Nov , 1998 | Posted by:

(1998) Directed by A. T. Sayre

Charles and Suzy are a disfunctional couple, on a trip to Boston for the weekend. Unbeknownst to Suzy, Charles plans to murder her. The film follows them around on the last day of their trip, as they wander the streets, and centers on the dynamics of the dysfunctional relationship, to show how a couple could possibly get to the disturbing point of homicide.

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Father Soho

25 May , 1998 | Posted by:

(1998) Directed by Marjorie Spoto

A Catholic Priest rebels against society's predjudices and makes a friend in the least likely place.

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10 Dec , 1997 | Posted by:

(1997) Directed by Steven Spielberg

Amistad depicts the1839 mutiny onboard a slave ship traveling towards the Northeast Coast of America and the court-room drama that followed.

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Myth of Fingerprints

1 Aug , 1997 | Posted by:

(1997) Directed by Bart Freundlich

A tense Thanksgiving reunion for a motley New England family

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15 May , 1995 | Posted by:

(1995) Directed by Greg Carter

A rising politician comes to his old neighborhood to take revenge on his wife's lover.