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3 Aug , 2000 | Posted by:

(1997) Directed by Brent Lestage

An aging runner recalls the painful events of his past and shares with us his introspective journey to find peace after having survived the Holocaust.

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Day of the Scorpion

28 Jul , 2000 | Posted by:

(2003) Directed by Jim Cole

Teddy, 18, is slowly drawn into a spiral of corruption, violence, and self-discovery. A coming-of-age story, disguised as a romantic thriller.

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Dead Soul: A Fairy Tale

28 Jul , 2000 | Posted by:

(1998) Directed by David Kann

This haunting tale of love and one man's downward spiral into madness opens with Mia, a little girl who is the pupil of a once great French painter, Georges Boudet. Mia's curiosity in a mysterious cabinet rekindles Georges's obsession with a doomed love from his past. Falling victim to his all too real demons, vividly imagined from his own unresolved guilt, Georges experiences violent flashbacks of a love lost, which leaves him helpless, with only one alternative.

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Entering Acton

28 Jul , 2000 | Posted by:

(2004) Directed by Randy Marquis

Having discovered has was adopted as a baby, Dominick sets out to meet his birth parents on a 4 day/3 night cross-country adventure. Driving from Colorado to Massachusetts, his best friend & girlfriend in tow, Dominick discovers the true meaning of family, love, and finding yourself when you are completely lost.

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The Gentleman from Boston

28 Jul , 2000 | Posted by:

(2000) Directed by John Stimpson & Michael Connolly

A brash young state representative learns that he has to 'play ball' in order to get things done on Beacon Hill.

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The Substance of Hope

15 Jun , 2000 | Posted by:

(2001) Directed by Joshua McDonald

Three interwoven plotlines deal with death, divorce, anger, and adultery as individuals deal with questions of morality and faith in their daily lives.

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13 Apr , 2000 | Posted by:

(2000) Directed by Douglas Kennett

After his dreams of pro baseball are dashed, David Stuart struggles to find himself. He is torn between two women, pushed by two mentors, and eventually . . . driven by one dream.

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The Gift

11 Jan , 2000 | Posted by:

(2000) Directed by Sitaresmi Sidharta

A couple faces their broken dreams with their 20th wedding anniversary.

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14 Sep , 1999 | Posted by:

(1999) Directed by John Shea

South Boston Irish bad boy Danny Quinn returns back home from New York and gets stuck between his pals, who are supported by one Irish mafia clan, and his family, which are members of another.

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1 Apr , 1999 | Posted by:

(1999) Directed by Tristan Creeley.

This atmospheric drama reminiscent of gothic literature tells the story of two men whose love for the same woman becomes obsessive and even deadly. One is driven by his selfish desires while the other searches for redemption.