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Cure for Insomnia

3 Sep , 2019 | Posted by:

Ed Morgan and family go for a ride through the forest and meet Smokey the Bear. After Joanna Cassidy delivers a public service announcement, Ed starts a fire with his cigarette butt. The children plead in song for a country up in flames as the fire is engulfed by surging seas. Alfred Hitchcock provides the Read more…


27 Sep , 2017 | Posted by:

FallCreekPictures documents corporate events, community events, and celebrations. We build personal and business profiles for nonprofit, education, science, and technology sectors.

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The Cure

1 Sep , 2011 | Posted by:

The Cure

Hidden deep in the wilderness of Maine, former MIT professor and scientist Jean Cartier works to cure the loss of his coma-ridden wife. Eight years after her accident, Jean makes a decision from which there is no turning back. Enlisting the help of a former student, Jean is given the opportunity to live the life Read more…

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2019 Online New England Film Festival Audience Award Winners

8 Oct , 2019 | Posted by:

As the 2019 Online New England Film Festival comes to a close in less than a week, it’s time to announce the winners of the Audience Award in each category. After careful consideration of social media engagement, views, and online impressions across our network, we present the 2019 Online New England Film Festival Audience Award Read more…

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2019 Online New England Film Festival Jury Winners

26 Sep , 2019 | Posted by:

The 2019 Online New England Film Festival ends Monday, October 14 at midnight, which gives you about one more week to catch these festival winners! With the help of our esteemed jury of past Online New England Film Festival winners, film critics, and other regional filmmakers, we present the following films as winners in each Read more…

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The 11th Annual Online New England Film Festival is Streaming Now!

3 Sep , 2019 | Posted by:

Welcome to the 11th Annual Online New England Film Festival! We’re so excited to present 32 short films with a New England connection from festival partners across the region and submissions from filmmakers across New England. Just follow the watch online now tag to find all short films from this year’s cohort live on Read more…

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2017 Festival Interview: Dare to Be Remarkable

22 Sep , 2017 | Written by Harry Nichols | Posted by:

A still from the Animus Studios documentary Dare to Be Remarkable with the film's subject Alyssa Silva.

Animus Studios is a small video marketing, strategy, and production-house based out of Providence, RI, but the company—known for its corporate work—has recently started to shift into other types of creative output. A prime example is its documentary Dare to Be Remarkable, which follows Rhode Island native Alyssa Silva, a disabled philanthropist with spinal muscular atrophy, who Read more…

Award Winners

4 May , 2015 | Posted by:

2020 Award Winners 2020 Jury Award Winners Animation Jury First Prize: Yellow Dress Runner-up: Video Sketchbook: March – June 2020 Second Runner-up: Downhill Comedy Jury First Prize: Pen Island First Runner-up: Joy Second Runner-up: Admining Drama Jury First Prize: Cranberry Nights Runner-up: Soul Candy Ancestral Drama Jury First Prize: His Last Game Runner-up: The Epitaph Read more…

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Holiday Wish List: The Top 5 Things Filmmakers are Hoping for this Season

1 Dec , 2013 | Written by K. Correia | Posted by:

Some would call it ‘geeking out’ others would call it getting excited or maybe just overly enthusiastic about the latest gadget, the newest toy, the item you simply can’t do without. For filmmakers, these items can range from anything, such as camera equipment, editing software, lighting kits, to the all mighty tripod. And when you’re Read more…

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The Artist and the Activist: Bess O’Brien of Kingdom County Productions

30 Apr , 2011 | Written by John DeCarli | Posted by:

“Who needs Hollywood?” This hypothetical question, which adorns the website of Vermont’s Kingdom County Productions also serves as the company’s motto. It’s a constant reminder that the closed-off studio system of Hollywood isn’t the only place to produce films. Kingdom County’s own backyard does just fine. After more than a dozen films, Kingdom County Productions Read more…