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Local Film Tweets

2012 Online New England Film Festival

The 4th Annual Online New England Film Festival screened the following films online from September 1 through October 15, 2012. Several films are still available to watch online. Also see our 2012 Audience Award and Jury Award winners.


The Passenger

(Julie Zammarchi)
WAM! Boston
As a woman travels in a car toward her own death, memories, visions, and talking animals crowd her consciousness.

Dirty Night Clowns

(Ryan Gibeau)
New Hampshire Film Festival

Chris journeys to find the nefarious character who roamed about his house while he slept.
*still available to watch online


Buddy Love

(Todd J. Lajoie)
Somewhat North of Boston Film Festival
When Walter finds his dog missing, he and his dim-witted friends take the case into their own irresponsible hands.
*still available to watch online

Grudge Match

(Paul Villanova)
Boston International Film Festival
Talking sausages. Flying nachos. Evil burgers. When Mike tries to maintain his diet at a Super Bowl party, all hell breaks loose.
*still available to watch online

It Is What It Is

(VP Boyle)
Rhode Island International Film Festival
This modern day contemporary movie musical explores the lives of seven young New Yorkers during a 24-hour period of near misses, tattered relationships and crumbling dreams.
*still available to watch online


(Judd Cherry)
Boston International Film Festival
Timothy Longshanks has decided to beat out his neighbor... no matter what the cost.

Sweet Heart

(Chris Colt)
Green Mountain Film Festival
Winner of 48 Hour Film Slam, this mockumentary features legendary maple sugar maker Bob Miller sharing his insights from 60 years of sugaring.


24 Hours at the South Street Diner

(Melissa Dowler, Tom Dowler)
Woods Hole Film Festival
A group of waiters, regulars, late-night revelers and local celebrities pay homage to Boston's only 24/7 restaurant.

In Danger of Being Discovered

(Marc Dole, Michael Venn)
New Hampshire Film Festival
This documentary looks back at the rise of the music scene in the picturesque seacoast city of Portsmouth, NH during the mid-1990s.

Kids of the World

(Craig Saddlemire)
Maine International Film Festival
Kids of the World features a diverse group of young people who now find themselves in Lewiston, Maine, sharing one communal park.
*still available to watch online

Running the Rockpile

(Kate Avery)
Somewhat North of Boston Film Festival
This documentary delves into the mountain running phenomena and the 50-year history of running up New England's arduous and tallest peak.


(Ben Pender-Cudlip)
Camden International Film Festival
Diagnosed with terminal cancer, eccentric filmmaker Sanjiban Sellew spends his final days at home in this intense, life-affirming story about the profoundly human experience of saying goodbye.

A Tiny Spark

(Franco Sacchi)
Woods Hole Film Festival

In the desert of Nevada, His Excellency Kevin Baugh has created a faux secession and founded the Republic of Molossia, provoking us to reflect upon the limits of sovereignty and individual freedoms.

What Do You Know?

(Ellen Brodsky)
WAM! Boston
Elementary school children from Massachusetts and Alabama describe what they know about gays and lesbians, what they hear at school, and what they'd like teachers to do.
*still available to watch online


Anywhere But Here

(Ross Thomas)
New Hampshire Film Festival
Convinced by his father that their traveling back to his hometown is an archeological exploration of the past, Jackson instead finds the torn relationship between his grandfather and father.

Baby Blue

(James Poirier, Travis Tyler)
Maine International Film Festival
Set on the unforgiving Maine coast, Baby Blue follows the journey of a father delving into the nature of closure and fulfilling promises.

Cough Drop

(Kristina Lear)
Green Mountain Film Festival
Ten-year-old Kate decides to make her first break from mom and dad's guidance and take a different route home.
*still available to watch online

Cleaning House

(Catherine Giarrusso)
Boston International Film Festival
After her grandmother dies, a woman comes home bearing photos from her mother's past, prompting a compelling confrontation.

Five Ways to Leave Your Lover

(Lukas Huffman)
Green Mountain Film Festival
The journeys of several couples who all arrive at the same universal moment: romantic disconnect.


(M Connor Leahy)
Woods Hole Film Festival
When Gretel discovers that the Witch plans to eat Hansel, she has to decide between her old family and her new one.
*still available to watch online

The Life Smugglers

(Dave Wells)
Rhode Island International Film Festival
Things go from bad to worse when a shipment of smuggled prescriptions is not what was expected.
*still available to watch online


(Dan Butler)
Green Mountain Film Festival
When a midwestern poet visits an elderly relative to bring news of his mother's recent death, the visit takes an unsettling turn.
*still available to watch online


(Christian Wilfong)
Maine International Film Festival
This silent film portrays a young man who finds himself lost in New York City after a heavy night of drinking.
*still available to watch online

Taxi Cab Teranga

(Sara Bailin)
Boston International Film Festival
A Senegalese taxi cab driver in New York City learns that any day could be his last.


(Robert Scott Wildes)
Somewhat North of Boston Film Festival, New Hamsphire Film Festival
In 1962 a group of young men stationed at a remote Air Force base in Greenland band together to undergo a dangerous mission to retrieve mail lost in a frozen landscape of darkness.


(Patrick Jerome)
Boston International Film Festival
An estranged son returns home where his father awaits him with a family secret.



(Margaret Lazarus)
WAM! Boston

Twelve women explore how their bodies have been transformed by giving birth.

The Ministry of the Stove

(Finn Yarbrough, Katherine Yarbrough)
Green Mountain Film Festival

This film honors a tradition at the South Starksboro Meeting House, the oldest continually used Quaker church in Vermont.
*still available to watch online