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Real Things (2000)

22 Mar , 2000   Posted by:

When Sebastian finds out that his two best friends, Paul and Michelle are getting married, he finally starts to crack. His confused feelings for both Michelle and his future, start to impact on him. After a drunken nervous break down, Sebastian sets off on a psychotic journey including a foray with the inventor of Velcro, a foul mouthed mythical creature, a mob of ex-grilfriends, and his roommates imaginary best friend. By far, the best Surrealist Romantic Comedy by a hairy, over-weight jew from Pittsburgh this year so far.

Director: Joshua Hale Fialkov

Writer: Joshua Hale Fialkov

Cast: Joshua Hale Fialkov, Elsa Neuwald, Edwin Endlich, James Chiros, and Nathaneal Chura

Filming Locations: Boston