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2 Left To Die (2013)

18 Jul , 2015   Posted by:

A small thumbnail of 2 Left To Die, a short film produced by Magmafire

2 Left To Die is a story that focuses on the character development of Manny during the early stages of a zombie apocalypse. Manny recently broke up with his longtime girlfriend Felicia and is now a depressive alcoholic. He cannot bear the thought of losing her and finds being in a constant drunken state as the only way of escape. In a suicide attempt, Manny tries binge drinking to finally end his suffering. His attempt fails and results in him being passed out for nearly a week.

During this blackout period, a zombie apocalypse occurs. There isn’t a known reason [as of yet] for the occurrence. When Manny wakes up, he finds himself in a typical fashion: disheveled and very hung over. As he steps out, Manny soon realizes the world he knew has drastically changed.

While exploring his surroundings, Manny encounters numerous zombies. Naturally, the zombies are hungry and want to feed on him. Now Manny runs for his life. Along the way, he will come across weapons and supplies that allow him to keep going. During a near death zombie encounter, Manny gets saved by a samurai sword welding former cop named Andre. Though it is quite random to meet a samurai, Andre doesn’t say much but is a great companion for survival.

With the two working together, they have a greater chance of survival. So will they make it alive? Are they the only ones alive? What is going on in the world?

For now, there are 2 Left to Die.

Director: Michael Boucher

Writer: Michael Boucher

Cast: Erickson Jimenez, Byron McNeil

Production Company: Magmafire

Producer: Magmafire

Director of Photography: Michael Boucher

Filming Locations: Hull, MA

Budget: Under $1,000