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Yes, this is an indie short film. And no, it's not horror. Nope, not a chic flick either. It is a dark-ish drama.

This is a poignant (yes, poignant) tale at the intersection of family, religion, PTSD and Kung Fu. Just kidding about Kung Fu. Haha. There is no Kung Fu. But the other three aspects are there.

The entire movie revolves around you; you'll be in pretty much all the scenes. The good part is that this could be an opportunity for you to showcase your best self. The good-er part is that the filming will be local (Brookline and Westboro) in late April to late May. The good-est part is that there is NO nudity.

The idea is to wrap up the filming in 4 or 5 weekend days. Along with you, there will be 3 other main roles (all male). Sadly, in spite of being a female driven movie, this won't pass the Bechdel test. Perhaps, the next one will.

Here are the criteria:
1. Good actress (there will be quite a few closeups)
2. Preferably between 35 and 45 years old
3. On the shorter side, 5'7" and under
4. Comfortable with taking directions
5. Available Saturdays in late April to late May

Race, appearance, religion, accent don't matter. On second thought, perhaps, accent matters a bit. Haha.

Please feel free to get in touch and I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you.

PS: There *could* be some payment; not a lot, just some.
PS: This is my first time directing so, it could be a learning process. I've done camera work before.

: 203.543.2515
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