Cat Window

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1 Sep , 2010   Posted by:


An experimental short film about two indoor cats and what they see out of their second floor apartment window. Alone in their home, the cats contemplate freedom, mortality, and the inherent urge of some beings to try to understand one another. The world outside the ‘cat window’ is inter-cut with images of one of many ‘human windows’ – in this case, Youtube – exploring the many ways in which people try to connect with each other and often fail. However, there is no clear judgment of the outside world, or the people in it. Rather than reach conclusions, this film seeks to complicate all of the issues that it explores. By the end, we’re all just happy enough to have good plumbing and a loving sister to lick our ears and kick us in the face.

Film Details

Director: Craig Saddlemire

Writer: Craig Saddlemire

Year of Release: 2010

Running Time: 35

New England Connection: Filmed and produced in Lewiston, Maine, and featuring music by Maine Musicians.

Director(s) Bio:: Craig Saddlemire is an independent videomaker living in Lewiston, Maine. His production company, Round Point Movies, produces documentary and experimental video for artists, non-profits, and political organizing groups. Craig is also the co-founder of the Maine Video Activists Network and is currently distributing a feature documentary about community organizing and urban renewal in the City of Lewiston. You can see his work online at