Grudge Match

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1 Sep , 2012   Posted by:


Talking sausages. Flying nachos. Evil burgers. When Mike tries to maintain his new diet at a Super Bowl party full of food, all hell breaks loose.

Film Details

Director: Paul Villanova

Writer: Paul Villanova

Year of Release: 2012

Running Time: 7

New England Connection: Director Paul Villanova was born and raised in Hingham, Massachusetts and has lived in the city of Boston for the last 7 years. The film was made as part of an MFA program in Film Production at Boston University. Grudge Match was filmed entirely in Massachusetts.

Director(s) Bio:: Paul Villanova is a Boston-based film maker currently pursuing his MFA in Film Production at Boston University. Previous films directed by Paul have screened at the Boston International Film Festival, Boston Film Night and Improv Boston.

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