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An American in India

25 Nov , 2010 | Posted by:

(2011) Directed by AKKSAR ALLAHABADI

AN AMERICAN IN INDIA feature film based on indian village poverty..its tale of 250000000 poor hungry indians..they dont eat in night due to poverty..its based on real stories of indian village poverty.AN AMERICAN comes INDIA TO START i.t.industry AND HE GOES TO BUY LAND TO A VILLAGE..AND HE SAW A REAL INDIA...AN UNTOLD SCRIPT...OF POVERTY AND FARMERS OF INDIA..

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18 May , 2009 | Posted by:

(2010) Directed by Kyle S. Glowacky

IOKA is an exploration of the 1915 Ioka Theater in Exeter, NH.

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Wild View

20 Apr , 2009 | Posted by:

(2011) Directed by Christian Munoz-Donoso

Ever wonder what magnificent marvels lie outside of your back door? WILD VIEW is a compelling and fascinating educational series in 12 short episodes, each presenting a detailed look at unique habitats, wildlife species, fascinating scientific research, and heroic conservation efforts in Massachusetts and in other parts of New England.

Experience the sights and sounds of New England from an entirely new and stunning perspective. Fly through the Connecticut Valley with the majestic Bald Eagle, learn about the imperiled Old Growth Forests, and follow the Humpback Whale through New England waters in WILD VIEW.

In association with the Mass Audubon, Equilibrio Films series WILD VIEW is the first New England wildlife documentary to be filmed in Ultra High-Definition. WILD VIEW will both enthrall and educate audiences of all ages in New England and beyond.

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Being Nimble: In pursuit of dreams

2 Feb , 2009 | Posted by:

(2011) Directed by Bill Forchion

18 students enter the New England Center for Circus Arts on September 8 on a nine month journey to become Professional Circus Performers. How many will make it? How many will not?

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Is This Thing On?

6 Nov , 2008 | Posted by:

(2011) Directed by Tony Lovell

No description.

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Tracks to Somewhere: An Intimate Portrait of the Hobo Lifestyle

4 Jun , 2004 | Posted by:

(2004) Directed by Dacia "Hitch" Kornechuk & Blake "Boomer" Harjes

Tracks to Somewhere' is a first person documentary which explores the contemporary hobo community and its rail riding lifestyle. Through documenting hoboes around the nation, 'Tracks to Somewhere' will truly create one of the most intimate portraits of contemporary American hobo.

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The Red Right Hand

1 Feb , 2004 | Posted by:

(2002) Directed by Kurt St Thomas and Mike Gioscia

The film is set in Salem, MA, in 1978 and revolves around a 15 year High School reunion and five old friends who share a gruesome secret.

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The Sun Still Rises

29 Jan , 2004 | Posted by:

(2004) Directed by Mwalim

A documentary about the contemporary Mashpee Wampanoag community and it's connection to it's past as a tribal territory.

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Blanket Time 4

7 Dec , 2003 | Posted by:

(2003) Directed by Branden Hill

Two guys who are forced to seek help after they're car breaks down, discover gruesome murders at the hands of an apparent Blanket.

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Out of Her Mind

1 Jul , 2002 | Posted by:

(2002) Directed by Nora Jacobson

The story of a modern-day shaman and his young disciple in Vermont.