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Baby (2014)

14 Apr , 2015   Posted by:

Baby is a teenager in trouble, and her last chance is a foster home with a couple whose idea of fun is dog sledding. Still, it beats going to the juvenile detention center. Over time, Baby comes to love the dogs and takes naturally to sledding, but when her old boyfriend, Bobby, shows up, she can't stop herself from running off with him, accidentally taking a puppy along. In no time at all, life with Bobby goes bad and Baby has to make some hard decisions about what she's going to do.

Director: Trevor Clark Thalin

Writer: Joseph Monninger

Cast: Marena Harris - BabyMary Genero - MaryErnie Coupe - FredAlyce Ferenc - LuanneTrevor Clark Thalin - Bobby

Production Company: TCTFILMS

Producer: Trevor Clark Thalin

Director of Photography: Trevor Clark Thalin

Filming Locations: (Warren, NH)(Candia, NH)(Manchester, NH)(Burlington, VT)

Budget: 15

For more information: www.youtube.com/atctfilm