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Online Indie Distribution

1 Jan , 2000 | Written by Tiffany Patrick | Posted by:

A report of three companies who have pioneered independent film distribution online: AtomFilms, BuyIndies and Films4Auction.


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From Clerk to Curator: Bruce Jenkins of Harvard Film Archive

1 Jan , 2000 | Written by Devon Damonte | Posted by:

The new curator of the Harvard Film Archive talks about his background and his vision for HFA's future.


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Get Shorter: Advice to the Short Filmmaker

1 Jan , 2000 | Written by Andrew Slattery | Posted by:

(Part 1 of 2): Nobody ever said making a short film was a walk in the park, but if you've got a permit to shoot in that park, it's a lot easier. This is just one of many useful tips Andrew Slattery, a young filmmaker from Australia, offers


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New Day Rising: Liane Brandon

1 Dec , 1999 | Written by Marisa J. Creed | Posted by:

Liane Brandon talks about her film 'Betty Tells Her Story' and the changes she's seen in the film community since co-founding New Day Films.


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Self-Distribution: The Struggle of an Independent

1 Dec , 1998 | Written by James Noonan | Posted by:

Traditionally, self-distribution has been viewed as a last resort, but there are filmmakers out there who choose to self-distribute. Find out why...


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Getting Your Film to Miramax

1 Nov , 1998 | Written by Bob Hebert | Posted by:

Jason Bloom, Senior Vice President of Co-Productions and Acquisitions at Miramax gives advice on how to get your film to the top.


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The Real Deal on Film Distribution Deal

1 Sep , 1998 | Written by Mark Litwak | Posted by:

Many filmmakers think that if they can just make a good film, distribution will take care of itself. But veteran filmmakers will tell you that the biggest hurdle is not producing a film, but distributing it. Here's what you should and shouldn't do when it comes time to distribute your film.