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Digital DIY Distribution: Another Way to Be Heard

31 May , 2011 | Written by B. Walter Irvine | Posted by:

A new kind of distribution is already here -- it’s digital, it’s DIY, and it’s just a few clicks away. Is it for you? This primer takes you through various services like Dynamo Player, Distrify, EggUP, and Yawma to learn what they're all about.


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The Artist and the Activist: Bess O’Brien of Kingdom County Productions

30 Apr , 2011 | Written by John DeCarli | Posted by:

Filmmakers Bess and Jay O'Brien truly believe that they live in 'the Kingdom,' and have worked hard to make films that explore stories of northeast Vermont since 1991. Their most recent documentary, Ask Us Who We Are, is currently making the rounds, showing audiences about the people behind Vermont's foster care system.


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The Pitchfest: You’ve Written Your Masterpiece – Now What?

1 Sep , 2010 | Written by Peter Bohush | Posted by:

Pitchfests are becoming popular venues for screenwriters to sell their work to development executives - what should you know before going?


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Much Ado About Documentaries

30 Apr , 2010 | Written by Maddy Kadish | Posted by:

Is now the right time to make a documentary in New England? You bet it is.


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Pitch-Perfect Documentary Fundraising

30 Sep , 2009 | Written by Jared M. Gordon | Posted by:

Award-winning documentary filmmaker Sean Flynn discusses the fine art of concise pitching to documentary funding sources.


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Distributing Your Short Film in the Global Marketplace

1 Dec , 2007 | Written by Rhonda Moskowitz | Posted by:

Short film experts with international savvy reveal how to get your shorts an audience and a paycheck.


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DIY Distribution

1 Jul , 2007 | Written by David Tames | Posted by:

More than 60 shorts later and a recent deal with Sony, Kevin Anderton knows -- keep it short, make it funny, and get it online.


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Viral Marketing 101

1 Nov , 2006 | Written by Erin Trahan | Posted by:

Filmmaker Chris Sparling pulls out the big guns to market his films An Uzi at the Alamo and Balance, the latter which is screening in RI this month.


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Educating the World, One Video at at Time

1 Jul , 2002 | Written by Ann Jackman | Posted by:

Producer Chip Taylor’s video distribution company reflects this former teacher’s love of learning and his desire to open our minds to the wonders of the world around us.



IFP Market Sobers Up

1 Nov , 2001 | Written by Michele Meek | Posted by:

A report of the New England films at the 23rd Annual Independent Feature Film Market.